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  1. 2022-23 GTWBB

    Nice win over Clemson tonight. Very light crowd. These girls deserve more support from our student body.
  2. Sinclair (Bally Sports) Facing Bankruptcy.

    Up here in RTP several of our games will be listed on ACCN Extra but are then blacked out. Then actually shown on Bally Sports South instead.
  3. Key’s Staff

    Exactly how Mack Brown turned UNC around the first time at UNC. He went to the NC HS coaches and built relationships. He also hired one of the most successful HS coaches in the state to his staff. Key is making some good moves in Georgia.
  4. Way too Early 2023 Predictions

    I have guarded optimism about the defense. We are losing two experienced line backers that were very good. Charlie was exceptional. We just lost a good CB in Walton who had eligibility and a defensive lineman that is projected as a fairly early round draft pick. Who will replace those guys at...
  5. Key’s Staff

    This may be more about face time with the HS coaches than actual recruits. I would think they will ask about players on their team and opponents that are worth evaluating. Need to get these coaches comfortable with Key. These coaches know who are the kids with good character and are good students.
  6. Game Day - Clemson Edit v1.24

    Clemson hasn't been much of a basketball destination before this year. Not like they are leaving Atlanta to go to Duke UNC Kansas Kentucky. This speaks to Pastner's inability to recruit metro Atlanta.
  7. Game Day - Clemson Edit v1.24

    This team just doesn't shoot the ball well enough to beat ACC teams. It is painful to watch so many missed but open shots. I don't know what the stats are for tonight but it had to have been well under 30% from 3pt arc. Pastner is not responsible for missed shots but he is responsible for who...
  8. PSU Discussion

    I don't really give a rat about Penn state. Go on their board if you want to pontificate about how great Franklin is. This is a Georgia Tech board.
  9. 2022-23 GTWBB

    Very disappointed with the results so far and I don't think there is a magical improvement likely. We might get a little more competitive but I don't expect many more wins. This is a young team still learning but there are some skills lacking as well. I hope Nell has some cavalry coming to the...
  10. Syracuse, Jan. 21st 2023, Pre And Post Game Commentary

    I just watched his post game presser. He's in trouble now and he knows it. He has no answer. IIWII. I thought he might get another year, now I'm not so sure. The media is starting to ask some very pointed questions and he has no answers other than we need to score at least 70 points. Not a good...
  11. When does Pastner feel heat

    Pastner just hadn't got the right composition of players to compete in the ACC this year. He might squeeze one or two ACC wins out of the remainder of the season but he is missing a true point and dominant center. That will not magically happen this year. IMO. He might get one more year but...
  12. Syracuse, Jan. 21st 2023, Pre And Post Game Commentary

    Their zone really forced us into a 3 point shooting team. We didn't seem to do anything that collapsed their zone either by driving into the lane or flashing someone to the foul line. They were just a better team today both on offense and defense. They scored inside and outside on our D and...
  13. When does Pastner feel heat

    This is one of those situations where Pastner has to answer what he will do to turn things around next year at the very least. I personally believe his assistants are not getting it done and if no changes there he will not make it past next year. These guys are important recruiting, scouting...
  14. NIL, Transfers, and Stratospheric Salaries. What Is the Future of GT Football and College Football in General?

    May be time to just admit P5 football is a sham at a lot of the big time schools. Just let the universities establish teams that are supported (paid salaries) by the school with school name on the uniform but not required to be students. It would be like a G league team owned by and paid for by...
  15. Coaching Carousel 8 - Teamwork means never taking all the blame yourself

    The state of college athletics may have finally worn him out. With the transfer portal, NIL money, and ineffective enforcement by the NCAA, a lot of long time coaches may be fed up with the entire system. A lot of fans are He is fortunate to have been at a school like ND who put up with a lot...
  16. Portal Watch 2022-23

    Walton has been here long enough to have his degree which I hope he has completed after his hard work and effort in the classroom and on the football field. I hope it's not just about NIL money but I hope he finds whatever he's looking for. I had expected him to go into the draft rather than...
  17. NC State Game @ McCamish

    I thought Rodney played pretty well last night. He played closer to the basket more last night and the times I watched there was less Princeton run at the foul line. He even played more to the head of the key which should have opened up the lane. Guard play was bad last night. FT shooting is...
  18. NC State Game @ McCamish

    Attendance like that hurts with recruiting. That game would be full of State fans if played in Raleigh. Too bad our program has sunk this low. No one cares to make an effort to come these days. I find it hard to believe we can't get at least 1000 students to an ACC game and the arena is on...
  19. When does Pastner feel heat

    I would like to see Rodney either moving closer to the basket to set low screens and rebound or move a little farther out and face the basket. We have not been good using him as a screen at the foul line and he has his back to the basket most of the time. We need to open up the lane.
  20. NC State Game @ McCamish

    This may be Keatts best team at State and he put this together in one year. This team probably saves him. He was on a very hot seat after last year.