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  1. Khalid Moore in the Transfer Portal

    Moore had 23 points and 10 rebounds today in Fordham's win over Tulane.
  2. Marquette over Baylor

    We have yet to lose to a team we were supposed to beat. The teams we have lost to have turned out to be pretty good so far. I am hoping the guys continue to improve, especially offensively and develop some cohesion. Rodney needs to go watch tape of himself in mid to late Feb where he scored in...
  3. Jahmyr Gibbs & what might have been...

    It would make no sense to stay at Bama. He will likely be the 2nd rb drafted. As a rb you want to get to that 2nd contract and make as much money as you can before 30. I think leaving after 3 years was always the plan for Gibbs.
  4. Dropped Balls

    UGA did not struggle with Vandy. They won 55-0 and were leading 28-0 at halftime.
  5. CPJ AJC Article

    This would not even be a thing if Collins was more gracious when he took the job. No need in disparaging your predecessor who had a ton of success. His remarks turned off a lot of fans and former players who never forgave him for that. Add the fact that he failed in a historical fashion and it...
  6. Think about this....

    We are going up against the defending national championship who are #1 in the country. They have arguably the best dline in college football. We have our 3rd and 4th string qbs with a banged up oline. If we beat the spread I will count that as a positive.
  7. Is the Ft. Myers Tip-Off still on?

    If you look at the past 30 years there are not many seasons where we had a winning ACC record.
  8. GT vs NIU basketball game MEGATHREAD.

    These stats confirm what I was thinking, Coleman needs to shoot more. I wish he was a little more like Kelly in that regard. I've seen him pass up a few that he really should have taken. An open shot for him is not the same as an open shot for some of the others who are not as good as shooters...
  9. GT vs NIU basketball game MEGATHREAD.

    Florida State and Louisville may have something to say about that.
  10. GT 68 - NIU 50

    We have seniors on the roster but this team will go as far as Smith, Coleman, Kelly, and Moore take them. That is the core of the team and they are the most talented players. Our success for this season and the next few will depend on their development. It probably seems like a young team...
  11. ACC 2022-2023

    It's too early to say that the conference is bad in my opinion. Only 4 ACC teams have losses up to this point. I think there is too much emphasis placed on the first couple games in a season and a narrative develops for the conference that carries for the rest of the season. That is what...
  12. Battle of ATL

    GA State has a ton of new players on their roster so both teams are really trying to figure out rolls and build some cohesion. This was bound to be an ugly game.
  13. GT vs Clayton State game notes

    I want to get my first look at this team since there are so many unknowns. We shot the ball well in the first 2 scrimmages but does that carry over? Who is going to take charge? How bought in are we on defense? We will also get our first look at the transfers. It will be interesting to see how...

    The way Howard played toward the end of last season gives me hope. I do not think he will be a point of failure. There is a lot of unknown since we have some young guys we will need to step into new roles but these guys are also talented. I guess I am more intrigued than anything. I want to see...
  15. Georgia Tech Basketball: Roster Preview

    A If you are a grad transfer you do not have to sit out either.
  16. GT fan day info

    This will be Pastners most talented team from top to bottom. Success this season will depend on how fast guys can get acclimated to new roles and how we can integrate the transfers. I am hoping our offense clicks because I think it is going to take a little time for the defense to get up to...
  17. Georgia Tech Basketball: Roster Preview

    I would bump Miles up to high impact as well. I think he starts at the SG spot.
  18. #Postgame GTvFSU FSU 41-GT 16

    One thing is for sure, Gibson should not see the field again. Pyron as a true freshman showed much more composure. He has a lot to work with. We need better receivers. Seems we do not have anyone that can make a contested catch. The passes to both Carter and Jenkins in the end zone both appeared...
  19. Jeff Sims Reset?

    It's interesting Sims best games are also games where the offensive line plays halfway decent.
  20. Bye Week Media

    Not worried about the recruiting piece. I think we have a staff of good recruiters and a guy like Kenyatta Watson in the recruiting office. The best think Key can do for recruiting at this time is to continue to win.