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  1. Syracuse, Jan. 21st 2023, Pre And Post Game Commentary

    All of them have been. We are a dumpster fire. I can't watch anymore.
  2. Portal Watch 2022-23

  3. 2022-23 GTWBB

    I didn't have any issues with your statement. Chemistry is just one of the issues that I see. Not referring to Ines or Blackshear.
  4. 2022-23 GTWBB

    There may be a chemistry problem, but GT is getting out-hustled and out-played by better basketball players. We have one shooter that does not have a great all-around game (rebounding, defense, drawing fouls, laying out on the court for loose balls, etc.). We are desperately missing tenacity...
  5. NC State Game @ McCamish

    At least the fat guy fell out of the blow-up ball and gave me a good laugh. We would have to improve a LOT to suck.
  6. 2022-2023 Roster

    I've never been so ready for baseball in mid-January in my life. Go Jackets!
  7. Notre Dame, 1/10 at ND Game

    Preaching to the choir. We are all befuddled.
  8. Notre Dame, 1/10 at ND Game

    Time outs are automatic turn overs for GT and automatic baskets for the other team. A little like Hewitt days when you winced at the timeout because we may not get the ball inbounded. I am so ready for a fresh start.
  9. FSU 1/7/2023 - GAME THREAD

    I'm looking forward to baseball. Less than 6 weeks until opening day.
  10. Miami 1/4/23 - GAME THREAD

    I agree with you. I enjoy your posts. Pastner struck gold with Jose and Moses, but I don't see the likelihood of him striking gold again. There is no reason for this program to have to wait for him to strike gold.
  11. Miami 1/4/23 - GAME THREAD

    Sooner than we want - maybe 3pm tomorrow.
  12. 2022-23 Season

    Mercer schedule shows away in Atlanta on 4/25 so that game is most likely at Rusty C.
  13. 2022-2023 Roster

    I'll play. I'll get something started as I have no inside information. CF DeLeo DH Finley RF Reid 3B Compton 1B Dispigna LF Stanford SS Jackson 2B Campbell C Rubenstein P Busse
  14. 2022-23 Season

    Simply earn a Top 16 seed and beat the SEC team. Hopefully Ramsey and Borrell can get us over the hump. Regardless, we're going to have to beat some top and/or hot teams along the way.
  15. 2022-23 GTWBB

    Not sour grapes, but I'm not interested. I'm interested in our signees. Good luck to her but I wouldn't mind if I'm not reminded of her (hint hint).
  16. 2023 Schedule Build

    Then why did you leave off Omaha?
  17. 2022 Transfer Portal

    The Bama of baseball
  18. 2022 Season

    I know. It reminds me more of Bobby Bowden than Herb Sendek. I'm not asking for it, but I won't be initially upset. But I do realize GT baseball could be the next GT football, especially in this day and time with this administration.
  19. 2022 Season

    You cannot compare Heppler to Hall. Heppler's teams successes in post season are far better. Heppler's teams are consistently in the Top 10 and ACC champions. Also, if you look at a graph of GT baseball season wins from 1993 to 2022, you will see why there is noise. Hall's teams are...
  20. Are we getting our $$$ worth out of Danny Borrell?

    No, take his salary and split it up between 5-6 pitchers on NIL. (tic)