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  1. Portal Watch 2022-23

    I think that's the biggest issue and it's the one that encourages the most tampering. I am all for athletes cashing in on their Name, Image and Likeness. I am also for athletes having the freedom to move from one school to the next. However, I don't think it's unreasonable to make an athlete...
  2. NIL, Transfers, and Stratospheric Salaries. What Is the Future of GT Football and College Football in General?

    I didn’t interpret Root’s response as an attack. You offered a very creative idea and Root pointed out some big holes. Nothing is wrong with that. I like your idea about limiting team size, but I’m not a fan of penalizing teams who win (ie reducing scholarships). Something doesn’t seem right...
  3. Portal Watch 2022-23

    I wasn’t specifically criticizing you on saying transferring. This is more about the overall use of the word equating someone who graduates with someone who transfers after his freshman year. Yes, both are transferring their remaining athletic eligibility, but these are massively different...
  4. Portal Watch 2022-23

    I don’t understand why we refer to student athletes who actually graduate as a transfer.
  5. Portal Watch 2022-23

    I think total is 105.
  6. B1G expansion?

    Yes and No. The Pac12, Big12, Big10 all play 9 conference games. Only the SEC and ACC play 8 games. I kind of expect the ACC will go to 9 games as soon as the SEC does (most likely with the addition of Texas and Oklahoma). Edit to add: It just means Ga, Fla, and SC have less flexibility...
  7. B1G expansion?

    I agree an SEC v Big10 would be compelling, but that’s a little different than your original post. I also don’t see that happening primarily because the media partners are different (SEC with ESPN and Big10 with Fox/CBS/NBC). Since ESPN is the primary media partner for both the SEC and ACC, I...
  8. B1G expansion?

    Why do you think "the SEC" wants to get rid of the late season OOC games? Which games in particular do you think the SEC is concerned with? The SEC is going to get at least 4 schools into the 12 team playoff. The end of season OOC games will have very little effect on that. I would argue these...
  9. Should New OC Faulkner work for uga in the CFP?

    The title "consultant" is how the rich teams can have 30 coaches when the NCAA limits them to 10. It's similar to how NIL is being used as legal "bag man" money when it's supposed to be for Name, Image and Likeness.
  10. Fanbase Size

    Another way to look at that data, is that the average UGA student can get into Tech (albeit in the lowest 25% percentile). Also, average suggests there are a lot of UGA students above the 1355 which would most likely put them above the lowest 25%). I don't agree with that, but I'm hoping you...
  11. Fanbase Size

    That’s kind of the point. Too many Tech alums are engineering myopic (only engineering matters - or - anything other than engineering doesn’t count). Here’s an analogy, in 2022 Airforce has the #1 rushing offense, but their total offense ranks #61. Just because Airforce doesn’t throw the ball...
  12. Fanbase Size

    I don't doubt that. Conversely, I would have struggled at schools that focused more on lanuage arts, journalism, history, etc - classes requiring a lot of papers. Tech was easy for me because I'm good at math and everything is black and white. I worked harder on my MBA at Ga State than I did on...
  13. Fanbase Size

    I wasn't comparing the schools based on SAT scores. I was responding to a post saying Tech's standards are significantly higher than UGAs. I listed GPA, SAT, ACT, and APs classes of what it takes to get into UGA these days. Yes, it's still harder to get into Tech, but most people wouldn't say...
  14. Fanbase Size

    of course it is but few people are going to argue with the schools it lists in the top 10 (or even 20). It's kind of like recruiting rankings. They are trash, but it's interesting how the teams in the Top 10 typically have the best recruiting rankings too.
  15. Fanbase Size

    I don't know how you define significantly. The metro area is ripe with stories of how their 4.0 kid with multiple AP classes, 32 ACT scores, 1300+ SAT scores are not getting into UGA. Yes, Tech is still harder to get into, but the kids getting into UGA are very accomplished kids. No one is...
  16. Fanbase Size

    Hmmm. I think you are operating off of historical bias. GT's graduation rate is 87%. UGA's graduation rate is 85%. FYI, i got out 89 with an IE degree. I didn't think Tech was very hard.
  17. Fanbase Size

    Tech is a really good school, but the delusion of many of our alumni that Tech is somehow God’s gift to higher education is comical. The frequent comments that degrees from other schools are essentially worthless says more about the insecurity of our alumni than anything else (eg if this person...
  18. Portal Watch 2022-23

    Seems like you are more concerned with the well being of your football program versus the well being of the student athlete.
  19. POLL: How do you feel about Key as HFC?

    Posting the quote again, "In 2020, 10.7% of FBS starters were transfers. In 2021, that number nearly doubled, to 20.9%, according to SportSource Analytics."
  20. POLL: How do you feel about Key as HFC?

    in 2021, 21% of starters were transfers into the school (ie not kids who were recruited). Most people who start getting meaningful playing time.