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  1. Who is going to the game

    Attaboy. You get "mindrite" for that one.
  2. Who is going to the game

    I'll be there. Sadly, it will be my last Parents Day game. If there is a Grandparents Day game in my future, I'll get to park in the HDCP parking!!
  3. Its Game Day!

    Anyone here living in Nashville able to tell us how the field has fared in the past 24 hrs with the weather and the pro game having been played on it?
  4. Auburn

    How much cut blocking is their O line doing?
  5. Putting Godhigh into Perspective

    While I agree that RG is/was a better runner, I think it should be acknowledged that RG also benefited from having had a better passing QB to have played with in VL. And a slight difference in passing philosophy with Vad as an eligible QB.