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  1. 404 and ATL signage and logos

    Using the "bomb" word can get you noticed by the FBI!
  2. Bally?

    not true! I have Hulu plus everything, does NOT include Bally
  3. Bally?

    No No
  4. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    I like the choice.
  5. #POSTGAME uga 37 - GT 14

    I didn't hear anything Key said.
  6. #GTvsUNC Postgame GT 21 - UNC 17

    Yeah, right, second and third team qb's. shame on us only scoring 21 points.
  7. #GTvsUNC Postgame GT 21 - UNC 17

    Chip long called a perfect game!
  8. #GTvsUNC Postgame GT 21 - UNC 17

    Great coaching job by Key, Thacker and Long!
  9. Your choice for Head Coach

    A poll of everyone's SECOND choice would be interesting.
  10. #Postgame GTvFSU FSU 41-GT 16

    Pyron is a nice gift for the next coach!!! He will be special.
  11. Didn’t see this posted but we have a new coach

    drinking a little today? ;)
  12. Bally Sports+ streaming service?

    The ACC must do something about poor availability of games on regional sports networks. Yesterday was an abomination.
  13. Official Postgame: GT 23-Duke 20

    So damn happy!!!!
  14. Duke Week + Homecoming

    Not showing as on ESPN3 schedule
  15. Dish & Sling subscribers - Ouch!!

    Are there any streaming services that offer Bally?
  16. A little scouting report

    From a Pitt fan on a football board, "If I am narduzzi, I start the game with only 10 players on the field to take a moment to memorialize Collins."
  17. Week 5 #GTvsPITT Media

    I am retired, didn't go to Tech, so my funds are not as deep as many of you. However, count me in for ten bucks a month! I will simply stop my subscription to The Hive and give it to Tech.
  18. Deion Sanders On The Flats?

    Give him a million dollar base plus 100,000 per win. Then another 100 grand for a bowl.