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  1. If our two Final Four squads played in a seven game series, who comes out on top?

    In a 7 game series it gets closer because of the 04 squad's depth. Coach Cremins would have Lethal Weapon 3 playing the entire game and in a series that would hurt them.
  2. Unheralded

    Akins was a Top 75 recruit generally, 55 by Hoop Scoop. Mario West as a walkon.
  3. Unheralded

    So are you asking about low key recruits that produced above their ranking or players who just didn't get their credit? Either way for now I'd say Eddie Elisma, Alvin Jones Jr and Clarence Moore
  4. NYC Point Gods

    God Shammgod was a McDonald's All American and good college player who made it to the league. Travis Best did have a better career but Travis Best also isn't a)an NYC legend so he's disqualified from this. Also Shammgod is relevant to young hoopers because of the move bearing his name.
  5. Devoe and Ush at the Portsmouth Invitational

    And his energy is ridiculous and to get a guy with his energy coming off the bench in the league he'll have a role. Would love to see what Pop would do with him Hell if he turns out to have a significant wingspan Toronto may also look his way.
  6. Coach Reveno Headed to Oregon State

    Doesn't Labarrie have a show-cause?
  7. Bubba Parham in the Transfer Portal

    Jermontae Hill is a walkon which is most likely why he wasn't mentioned
  8. Jose

    You and me both.
  9. Jose

  10. Jose

  11. March Madnesss memories

    Favorite memory in person was being at the Georgia Dome where both Shelden Williams and JJ Reddick played their final games at Duke losing to LSU in the Sweet 16.
  12. NCAA Tournament

    I turned it on just in time to see Bacot forget how to hit a free throw and RJ Davis commit some dumb fouls
  13. NCAA Tournament

    I did not realize that Shaheen Holloway had gotten into coaching let alone was a head coach. Damn shame that he didn't come to Tech when he played. St. Peters is giving Kentucky one hell of a fight
  14. Coaching Carousel 7 - When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye

    I'm going to kill you. That's a thing that coaches occasionally say to one another. I'm pretty sure that Bobby Knight has done it a time or two. John Chaney said it to Coach Cal back in the day. And as kg said don't be dumb enough to try to stop and explain yourself to a pissed off person who...
  15. Coaching Carousel 7 - When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye

    Screw that!! If they fire him they need to be stuck paying every him dime that's on his contract
  16. Jose

    The trade deadline has passed so Jose can't be trade bait. He sat a game in which Devonte Graham played well for once. Besides I've seen footage of Jose and CJ on the floor together.
  17. Jose

    He's still on the 2 way contract though it's not to late to make it an NBA contract because if they don't he'll be a free agent at the end of the season. If they have some sense they'll sign Jose to a NBA contract for multiple years(it can be up to 4 years). The qualifying offer if he makes it...
  18. Jose

    I don't understand how after all this time opposing players don't understand to make sure that the ball handler knows that Jose is behind them
  19. Jose

  20. Jose

    Slightly longer version