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  1. Fire Bud Petersen

    Uhhhhh, no.
  2. Have to Step Up!!

    Keeps reloading? Is that sarcasm? I'm honestly asking...
  3. Well we made the front page of TMZ

    The fact that this got released right after the final game of the season means that it was probably shared by a player who doesn't expect to play ever again. Personally, I bet that this was recorded and shared among all of the players.
  4. Player suspensions

    You're good, man. No judgement from me. If I knew how to edit my post, I would remove the quote so there's no reference to it.
  5. Player suspensions

    No. Just no.
  6. Player suspensions

    What did this, now-deleted, tweet say?
  7. Tusculum

    I haven't felt this good about a victory since the Falcons were winning by 25 in the Super Bowl.
  8. Gator Bowl Ticket Status

    Looks like Kentucky has sold their allotment and GT has only sold half so far. We really need to show up and support our Jackets!
  9. Roll Call Bowl Game.

    I'll be there with 15-20 other GT fans and my wife who is a blasted UK grad. This might be the only time we play them in my lifetime so we better win.
  10. GT Bowl Projections

    This is false. We actually travel pretty well, just not at the typical SEC standard. Ireland was shocked at the number of Tech fans who traveled.
  11. Post video clips here please

    Now this video makes me sad:(
  12. Post video clips here please

    Anyone seen any video of the Marcus Marshall run where he broke multiple tackles?
  13. Shovel Pass

    This is the closest I can remember. More of a Mid RB Screen. Don't know if it was drawn up this way or not:
  14. Season Hype Video

    Fantastic video. That zoom effect was freaking sweet.
  15. When will we be able to afford....

    I really, really hope you got your M and K keys mixed up.
  16. Stats

    Any stats about negative plays? One thing that made the team so good last year is that we had very few negative plays. I think it was 3/4ths into the season before Laskey was tackled behind the line of scrimmage. This year, I feel that we are seeing a lot more 3rd and long and dig ourselves...
  17. ND Offense - Stat culled from a Yahoo Sports Article

    Dangit. I meant converting a 3rd down. They were 0-10. Which is crazy when they had 460 yards and 20 total first downs. Blame it on the bourbon.
  18. ND Offense - Stat culled from a Yahoo Sports Article

    They beat Virginia without EVER converting a first down... That is just a crazy statistic.
  19. Justin Time

    He's starting to reach the "he can father my first child" level.
  20. Brad Stewart is an athlete

    He's got ups like Wes Welker.