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  1. Lockroom Banner, Hateweek comes early

    One is useful as fertilizer and the other one is.......... a cesspool that no human being should ever have to walk into.
  2. First Team Meeting Video

    I think the facility manager at GT will be quite busy this coming year. His team will definitely become experts at fixing walls.
  3. Brent Key expected to join Georgia Tech staff

    Wow. We've got recruiting power left and right with this assembled staff. So far so good CGC.
  4. Homelessness in LA

    I live in the Southern California area. Specifically in Northern side of Orange County. There isn't like a homeless epidemic out here BUT I can say that they are fairly concentrated along the riverbeds (Santa Ana river, LA river) or near train tracks. Some cities like Santa Monica and areas...
  5. PokemonGO players?

    I play Pokemon Go with my kids..... Now for the stupid question: where do I find my "friend code". I'm not abreast to the latest and greatest stuff (too many updates) so I'm a bit behind.
  6. Demetris Robertson

    or, all the "good" DNA went to MikeJackets1967 and whatever was leftover, went to his brother. ;)
  7. *** **** is back in jail again

    Thank you for taking your time to write this up in plain English so people like myself can get a better understanding of the case. Greatly Appreciated!
  8. Spring Practice

    This is why I'm a bit optimistic about our D this coming year. I just don't really see a "polished QB" on our schedule. I think we'll play against some talented QBs but no one that is well established and "NFL-ready". Most have been a starter at most, one full year.
  9. JT Daniels (2019 Recruit re-classified to 2018)

    This is a question for anyone who's familiar with football recruiting: On the west coast (specifically Southern California) a QB recruit JT Daniels just re-classified himself from being a 2019 recruit to a 2018 recruit and signed with USC. Typically we don't see this happening in football much...
  10. 2017 Coaching Carousel

    Note to Khalil: If you are going to bad mouth an offense (i.e. "triple option") please make sure you spell it correctly (its not "tripple"). The internet is forever dude. Even if you only put up a tweet for a millisecond, someone's going to take a snapshot of it.
  11. What Christmas gift would you give to GT Football for next season?

    Proper cleats. I think that's a good win or two every season. How many times we have seen them slip and slide around the field the last couple of years.
  12. Minimum to be good (Recruiting related)

    My take is to always recruit from the inside out: So on the offensive side, Center/Guards, QB should be priorities. We have done a good job at the center/guard position in my opinion. Might not have quite the depth but I think we have a good starting lineup at center/guard where they are...
  13. Paul Johnson era recruiting

    I always look at that 2010 class and think about how pumped I was about the D-Line prospects we got that year (Denzel McCoy, Anthony Williams, and Shawn Green were the headliners) and the prospects we got in the secondary (two 4-star CBs in Ryan Ayers and Louis Young).
  14. Wisconsin

    I suspect that a lot of the recruits from the state of Wisconsin are just not reviewed as much by the recruiting services and if they don't attend football camps, it'll be hard for the recruiting services to rate these players. So I would suspect that a lot of the recruits that Wisconsin gets...
  15. 2017 Coaching Carousel

    Ok, no problem. I just wanted to make sure people weren't just going by that 68-67 record at Rutgers and thinking, "meh". Yea, if you look at just that by itself, it's not impressive at all but if you are able to look at what he had to start with and what that program was at the end of his...
  16. 2017 Coaching Carousel

    Just to add to Yomanser's comments about Greg Schiano, here's an article from the NY times about the low points of the program: And here's an article about the high-times...
  17. GT Love on CBSSports: "OreST Should Run the Option"

    Love this zinger towards Oregon State's of the world, "Now, if Georgia Tech, a program with an actual football history and national titles can run the option, why can't other Power Five programs?" Shots FIRED!!!!!!!!!!! As for Oregon State going with our option attack offense, I think it would...
  18. Props to Shamire Devine

    Shamire was also one of two players the GM and owner for the Arizona Cardinals were gushing over in the "All or Nothing" season 1 when they were scouting the GT vs. ND game. He definitely has NFL potential and I'm sure he'll draw a lot of interest from scouts.
  19. Paul Johnson Also Ran Coach

    One of the comments left on that site is from an unloader at Wal-Mart. Figures. His comment is gold too, "Paul Johnson beats Georgia 1 out of 10 times and now all of the SEC is overhyped? Any hype at all about GT is overhyped."
  20. Scholarship openings.

    Case in point: I remember reading about a local guy we were recruiting, Jordan Watkins who was a 4-star DE. To boot, he was a fan of GT football when he was growing up and he eventually went to Stanford and one of the reasons was because he wanted to study journalism. It is what it is.