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  1. Hoss

    Rival teams

    Having folllowed all the hiring news lately has anybody checked our rival teams boards to see what they’re saying of all the staff changes and what they think it’ll be like playing against Tech in the coming years?
  2. Hoss

    GT Alcorn At Game Survey From GTAA

    Forget the uniforms I sit in 227 and they’re fine get some glasses or look at the replay on the big a$$ screen they have take the time for the survey to talk about getting fans in the seats concessions security lines not the dumb uniforms y’all love bringing up every other post
  3. Hoss

    Death Valley

    This will be my first time traveling to clem’s Son does anybody know where the best parking is?
  4. Hoss

    Bobby Dodd Stadium

    Yeah I go in at gate 10 and it's never take me long to get in plus they were like 15 min late opening up... which in my opinion messed up the mojo which led to a rough 1st half
  5. Hoss

    Bobby Dodd Stadium

    I'm not a fan of the new security to enter the stadium. I don't understand why change it up after all this time
  6. Hoss

    28 - 27 Final !!!!!!!! GT BEATS UGA Postgame Comments

    I heard they cut the hedges down anyways at the end of the season? So why all the protection
  7. Hoss

    FSU Postgame

    They're replaying tonight and Tuesday I believe on espnu
  8. Hoss

    Who is going to the game

    I'll be there
  9. Hoss

    Refs Horrible

    I've been disappointed the whole game with offense... but what I remembered was we are missing a ton of talent in the a back b back and ol
  10. Hoss

    ProJackets Update

    He lit the QB up just as he threw it
  11. Hoss

    Alcorn St. Roll Call

    I saw some going for $16 in section 111 if you have the game day app they were selling for 22
  12. Hoss

    PJ Radio Show

    Is it the 1280 or something like that in Aug?
  13. Hoss

    PJ Radio Show

    Game day app is streaming it
  14. Hoss

    Alcorn St. Roll Call

    227 row 12
  15. Hoss

    Alcorn State Prediction Thread

  16. Hoss

    15 Gameday Improvements at Bobby Dodd

    I never had problems with the concession stands granted I stop there during pre game warm ups and before halftime over on the east side but it's always fast and the people are always kind and helpful
  17. Hoss

    Season Tickets Shipped!!!!

    These are probably the best tickets I've seen from anywhere the design is pretty cool
  18. Hoss

    What fans say at a GT football game...

    Sitting on the east side of the stadium with mainly visiting team fans you hear the cries of High school offense! Why can't we stop a simple dive play! Why are their bananas on the big screen? Is the band really honoring math? But the best and my personal favorite comes at the end of the game...
  19. Hoss

    Season Tickets

    I think end of July beginning of August
  20. Hoss

    Season ticket sales..

    I sit in 227 and they told me the whole row was open except for the two end seats on each end