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  1. Brian Johnson

    2014 Uniforms are at fan store

    They look a tad different. Here they are.
  2. Brian Johnson

    Away fan attendance

    We need to get better at away attendance! I do think we have a lot going to NO for Tulane game. We need to put butts in the seats in Athens. My buddy went in 2012 and said that we had very little there. It's bad y'all. Even when were not so good we need better away attendance.
  3. Brian Johnson

    Game day at Tech today

    Saw on the GTAA FB page that game day was on campus today! Pretty cool to see Herby, Desmond and of couse the great Lee Corso talking with CPJ and showcasing campus. Anyone know why they were randomly there today?
  4. Brian Johnson

    GTA tweet about tomorrow at 10am

    I will bet we switch to Nike tomorrow either cuz we are t renewing contract or that nike is buying out Russell. What do y'all think??
  5. Brian Johnson

    Miss having a coach like this

    Bill Cury is a GT man all the way! He is a badass too! Gotta love the all black
  6. Brian Johnson

    GT and 680 the fan deal

    The deal is official GT will use 680 the fan! Atlantas number 1 sports channel. Do y'all like the official move? Do y'all think it'll help us or hurt us. All they talk about is SEC SEC SEC and the braves of course. When it was on the air last year it seemed like we weren't even apart of it. Do...
  7. Brian Johnson

    2014 uniforms

    GT posted the new poster and the pic has the players in the throwbacks worn in the VT game! Are we wearing these now? Cuz I love them and I think it'll finally please most people and solve the problem with the alums!
  8. Brian Johnson

    Local business supporting GT

    Went to a local BBQ place called P Reds on Chattahoochee Ave and the owner is a big GT fan! Has a picture signed by CPJ. I like to see these things it's rare to find a hole in the wall place that supports the jackets instead of the hicks from the east
  9. Brian Johnson

    Weight room construction

    What are they doing to the weight room? Making it bigger? New designs? What's it gonna look like? Anyone know
  10. Brian Johnson

    Wofford game

    GT 63 WU 10
  11. Brian Johnson

    Gsu game

    We blow them out with all their fans in attendance. I think the guys wil be pumped for the game knowing it's a state team. GT 56 GSU 21
  12. Brian Johnson

    I want a run first pro style offense

    I have been a big CPJ supporter and still want him to win, but I want a pro style offense again similar to Georgia's. If we don't win 8+ and beat UGA I want him canned
  13. Brian Johnson

    An idea to think about

    If we get rid of CPJ it would be an idea to hire back Frigein as OC and keep Ted Roof as HC. I think this is a possible idea if we can CPJ this season. Roof would have been there 2 years. The alums like him, players love to play for him. Players don't have the same love for CPJ at all.
  14. Brian Johnson

    Everyone unfollow Gafollowers

    They never post about GT and when they do it's negative. They go out of the way to find negative stuff. Won't ever post anything positive things. DO NOT follow them!! Report them as spam like I did
  15. Brian Johnson

    Interesting website

    Y'all need to look at you can compare stuff with other college teams! GT is 12th all time in championships. 37th in total draft picks(isn't too shabby) 11th in bowls. 28th in all time record! Good considering the 1970s early 80s and early 90s excluding '90&91
  16. Brian Johnson

    I love watcing these old football videos

    check out this vs A&M in 1966 Dodds last year... pretty cool to see
  17. Brian Johnson

    It's Monday

    It's Monday and dwag fans are still trolling about the 117 fans we obviously had at the spring game. It's funny how dumb they are. Guess they don't know what rain is or what Good Friday is. Not saying we should have had 40k there but I bet you would if would have been 12-15 K maybe a tad more if...
  18. Brian Johnson

    Our offense

    Main problem I have is our blocking. That is the main issue and it showed Friday. Don't have depth. Very young and thin. Still think we need to use shotgun it'll help JT more. Do y'all agree that the shotgun would be better from a blocking standpoint
  19. Brian Johnson

    How many people do you think will be there Friday?

    I'm thinking 7-10 thousand I would love to see 15-20k like 2 years ago
  20. Brian Johnson

    Spring game is Friday

    I was at the Tenn spring game today with some buddies and there were 68k there! Pretty impressive I must say. It was pretty cool, very warm, butch jones gets their fans involved with a microphone and really reaches fans. I was impressed. I think we need to do more of this. How many do y'all...