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  1. jchens_GT

    Bobinski Interviews on 680 The Fan

    Doesn't Bobinski do a weekly show on 680 The Fan? Does anyone know where to find links to this? I am not having much luck navigating 680's website.
  2. jchens_GT

    Opponents Strengths & Weaknesses: GSU

    Would any of you fine gentlemen be willing and have the time to post some strengths and weaknesses for our opponent this weekend? What is Georgia Southern's strongest unit? What is the weakest? Which players are considered their difference makers at this point? What aspects of the team are...
  3. jchens_GT

    CPJ's Demeanor

    I doubt that many, if anyone, will really know what the answer to this is, but does anyone know what it is like to play for CPJ? I'm not talking about how he comes across publicly with the media. We all know the answer to that. I would like to know if he is the kind of coach that his players...
  4. jchens_GT

    Francis Kallon Updates?

    I'm not sure how anyone would know a thing about this, but does anyone have info about Kallon's development? I am guessing that he needs more time to get a feel for the game, and we won't hear or see much until the spring. I doubt he is getting a whole lot of work during the season. I am still...
  5. jchens_GT

    Do our QBs take more hits than in pro-style/pass-oriented offenses?

    One of the criticisms I hear about our offense from outsiders (non-GT fans) is that the quarterback gets hit on every play due to the scheme.  I've heard several folks say that we can't put smaller guys at QB because of durability concerns.  I actually had a fellow tell me that he didn't think...