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  1. 1BearJACKET

    Press Conferences & Branding

    I just noticed that on the background where the interlocking GT and BMW logos are displayed, that WellStar Health Systems is no longer displayed. When did WellStar jump ship?
  2. 1BearJACKET

    SEC loses 3 Non-conference games.

    As of right now, the SEC has lost 3 Non-conference games in week one. Looks like a 'Bammer vs. Mutts repeat engagement in December.
  3. Georgia State Panthers

    i know its not ACC but Jesus Tennessee is losing to Ga State in the 3rd quarter rn
  4. 1BearJACKET

    Pre Season Ranking in "The Athletic " Our Yellow Jackets come in at #80, four spots below Georgia Southern.
  5. 1BearJACKET


    Does it ever get called anymore?
  6. 1BearJACKET

    Les Miles to be new HC for Kansas Jayhawks

    Just reported on the Bill Shanks Show
  7. 1BearJACKET

    Remainder of ACC Schedule

    The Cavs are leading Duke late in the third quarter, and the same for UNCheat vs. Syracuse. What is the chance we win out in ACC play? How will the rest of our ACC schedule play out? Regardless of the outcome.....GO JACKETS!!!
  8. 1BearJACKET

    Has anyone checked.....

    ......on Taquon Marshall and J.J. Green to see if they have a giant case of the sads? Their boys lost last night.
  9. 1BearJACKET

    UGA visiting Tech again

    WTF???? Say it isn't so.
  10. 1BearJACKET

    Orange Bowl

    Had Miami been coached by anyone other than M. Richt, I would have been pulling for a fellow ACC member......but ON WISCONSIN!!! NO SWAG TONIGHT
  11. 1BearJACKET

    Tennessee Hangover

  12. 1BearJACKET

    A Nugget from the post game press conference.

    CPJ said that he knew who the starter at QB probably two and a half to three weeks ago. That would be two days after MJ injured his shoulder in the 1st scrimmage of fall camp. Very interesting to say the least. He doesn't name a starter until just before game time. Keeps a player with two...
  13. 1BearJACKET

    C.J. Leggett

    Former Yellow Jacket getting some work and a TD for Mercer in their home opener. 48-0 Bears at the end of the 3rd Quarter.
  14. 1BearJACKET

    Rest in Peace

    Some friends from High School posted on Facebook that our Coach, who played DB for our beloved Yellow Jackets in the Bud Carson era, Gary Faulkner has passed away. Rest in Peace Coach
  15. 1BearJACKET

    Warm welcome for the UT hillbillies at MB Stadium

    With a Georgia Tech flavor of course: Don't know if anyone has already seen this or not but I thought it was neat.
  16. 1BearJACKET

    Uniform stuff

    I really like the warmup tops that the basketball team is wearing with the interlocking GT inside the ouline of the map of Georgia. Since WE RUN THIS STATE, why not the use the same design on the sides of the football helmets for 2017?
  17. 1BearJACKET

    Time to get serious.

    Okay...JT got his start on Senior Day. He isn't fully healed and it shows. The Cavs have the lead and own the TOP. Send Jordan in NOW.