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  1. Pat McAfee Show Georgia Tech

    Thought he just picked us to cover not necessarily win.
  2. Anybody able to get any work done today?

    Nope...but I’m on paternity leave. :)
  3. Bobby Dodd Policies for 2020

    Why does the bag policy change every year?? And now we can bring in water again. If the idiots at gtaa didn’t spend so much time examining the clear bag, water and alcohol policies we might have some better teams.
  4. No uga

    Nd might have a say in that. You know how they just have to play navy and think they still owe them a debt from a century ago.
  5. No uga

    Not if we replace them with bama, aub, ut, UscE, uf, tosu, penn st, etc. don’t think it will be hard to attract a marquee opponent to one of the most fertile recruiting areas in the country and the college football capital.
  6. No uga

    I think money would certainly end it. I'm all for it. I'd love to see us rotate in aub, bama, ut, uscE, uf in their place. And eventually add them back in the mix.
  7. No uga

    Could be the end of the series for a long time. You know we don't want clem/uga both on the road in the same year. And you know uga is going to want their home game next year.
  8. The ACC Should Realign in College Football

    They really put a lot of thought into that...Only been talked about for 16 years.
  9. Joe Hamilton made #7 on ESPN's list of top Hamiltons in all sports

    Lewis Hamilton had to be up there.
  10. Under Armour Partnerships in Trouble

    No they thought they were getting all of China. UCLA brand is huge there.
  11. Swofford to Retire in June 2021

    We are a decade behind the b10 and the sec in getting our own network, thus forgoing billions of dollars, just to keep his son employed at raycom. Adding the big east football schools minus wvu is nice, but I fail to believe that it wouldn't have happened anyway. Pretty sure anyone could have...
  12. Swofford to Retire in June 2021

    No direct affiliation with tobacco road, raycom, or bojangles. That's really it.
  13. Swofford to Retire in June 2021

    Whose the next tarhole to take his place?
  14. Jake Fromm's NFL career off to a rocky start

    Might be over with already. Sounds like the scumbag redneck we all knew he was when reading through all of the twitter comments.
  15. RIP Pat Dye

  16. GT students really getting a bonus shaft

    It was his decision to put out a statement putting the students in limbo. Great that they are giving them refunds but they are also asking them to move out in under 24 hours. I guess that's fine if your parents live in Marietta but not if they are in Dubai or California. Check r/gatech and...
  17. GT students really getting a bonus shaft This after Cabera goes wishy washy on whether classes in person classes get canceled or not. smh
  18. NCAA Tournament & COVID-19

    We're probably the only fanbase excited about this. Eat a d ncaa!