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  1. poodleface

    Mic'd Up: Jerry Attaochu

    He's come a long way since warming up chicken nuggets with an iron before the Music City Bowl:
  2. poodleface

    CPJ is ACC Coach of the Year

    Not that there was any doubt... “I accept this award on behalf of our football program – assistant coaches, players, staff, and everyone involved,” Johnson said. “As everyone knows, this is not a one-person award. I appreciate the honor.”...
  3. poodleface

    THWG Issue of the Technique

    The THWG issue of the Technique came out today (the only issue worth picking up each year, and I say this as someone who contributed movie reviews to it for a few years)... if anyone wants one, send me a private conversation message with a mailing address today and I'll see if I can mail some...
  4. poodleface

    A Problem Coaching Changes Can't Fix

    While looking for news on Rod Sweeting I found this short report, which highlights a problem not easily solved: What have you like most about New Orleans so far? "One thing is the people love the Saints. In college and being in Atlanta, the people didn’t love the team like that. Coming to New...
  5. poodleface

    "The offense seemed completely befuddled and directionless."

    We've heard variations of this several times this past week, but this quote wasn't about GT. It was about Oregon (when they lost to Stanford last year): ESPN: Instant analysis: Stanford 17, Oregon 14 How about "The coach's stubbornness cost us another game."? 12 Pac Review: This loss is on...