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  1. Goldisbest

    North Texas tickets

    I have 2 tix Sec. 114 R.7 and park pass. $30 for all.
  2. Goldisbest

    If you needed further proof that 680 are clowns...

    Chuck and Chernoff are the worst. I will not listen to them. Surprisingly, Buck Belue is not as bad as most of the others in my opinion.
  3. Goldisbest


    Tickets were claimed.
  4. Goldisbest


    I cannot attend. If anyone wants my 2 tickets, I can e-mail. Send me a direct message. No charge.
  5. Goldisbest

    Clemson Ticket Exchange

    Have 2 now Sec. 104 Row 25
  6. Goldisbest

    Clemson Ticket Exchange

  7. Goldisbest

    Clemson Ticket Exchange

    I have 4 tickets and cannot make the game. I coach my son's team and we have a game Thursday night. These are my season tickets Section 104 Row 25 and a parking pass for East Lot. I would just like to get face value for the tickets. These are tickets that I can e-mail to you. I would rather...
  8. Goldisbest

    PITT - Saturday 2PM (Senior Day)

    Cannot use my 2 tix. Hate to miss the game but will give to first person that wants them.
  9. Goldisbest

    Miami Today 1pm ESPNU

    All I can say is that I really feel for the players, especially MGH. It has to be hard to keep having such painful losses and then, get up and bust your butt again.
  10. Goldisbest

    Vcu tickets

    Send me info to email and I will email when back in office at 130
  11. Goldisbest

    Vcu tickets

    I have 2 tix that I cannot use. I can e-mail them. I don't want anything for them.
  12. Goldisbest

    Freddie Burden's Father

    Thoughts and prayers for Freddie and his family.
  13. Goldisbest

    Who's going to South Bend?

    Yes! Just got my tickets from GTAA. Section 117 Row 20.
  14. Goldisbest

    Red Shirt vs Playing as True Freshman

    I would think that a coach on a hot seat would be less likely to redshirt a player, who could provide some immediate benefit.
  15. Goldisbest

    GT-Notre Dame transportation

    I just got my tickets for the bus from Racine Plumbing Bar and Grill. Thanks for the link.
  16. Goldisbest

    Bolden suspended

    I thought someone would say that but it would not surprise me if they win a game or two of the tournament. Or lose the first game by 3.
  17. Goldisbest

    Bolden suspended

    AJC reporting on twitter suspended through first game of ACC tournament.
  18. Goldisbest

    Clemson game thread

    I liked seeing him play like he did last night understanding it is okay to dish it off.
  19. Goldisbest

    What station is Metal of Honor bowl on

    NBCSNH 640 on AT&T Uverse
  20. Goldisbest

    The Emperor Has No Clothes

    We need to get in touch with Larry.