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  1. Recent news give me hope against Clemson

    I get what you're saying, but it's not that simple. The difference between a home run hitting offense and a nickel and dime offense is no more evident than when we get stuffed on 4th and 1 at the goal line, or we fumble, or we chop block and put ourselves in an unmanageable situation. The more...
  2. FIlm Study - Offense vs UNC

    Are you sure? I seem to remember a play where Jeune ran a curl and Stewart ran an out route from the slot. Thomas threaded the needle to Jeune, who broke a couple tackles, but stumbled and fell.
  3. Antonio Messick and Brad Stewart

    Being a WR is about more than just catching the ball. You've got to get open. I'm not blaming anyone per se, but our WR's were not open at ALL against ND. Even on the dropped TD pass to Stewart, he was blanketed and Thomas threaded the ball in there.
  4. Adam Choice?

    He tore his ACL last year after earning the starting spot as a true freshman. He's redshirting this year.
  5. Phil Steele: 2015 Preseason All-ACC Team

    There are a ton of talented DB's on that list, but there is still no excuse for leaving off DJ White. IMO you could make an argument that he's our best player, although he obviously could never have the impact that JT does. That's not the first preseason snub of DJ that I've seen, though. I...
  6. Practice Day #12

    I'm not worried about the offense at all. We've ranged from good to incredible on offense throughout PJ's entire tenure here, and I see no reason for that to change. JT has shown the ability to take our offense even further, so I consider our offense a proven commodity at this point. That...
  7. Clemson game thread

    Clemson has basically been the same team as Georgia Tech for the last couple years, except for one major difference. They win close games and we lose them. We really should be about .500 in ACC play this year, based on how competitive we've been.
  8. So what coach interviewed today??

    Can't blame Pelton for entertaining other opportunities. He's got no GT ties and this is an opportunity to move up to a bigger program (whether we like it or not), and I'd be absolutely shocked if he doesn't get a significant salary bump. We screwed up by not paying our assistants.
  9. The one Way CBG keeps his job....

    I don't disagree at all that the situation is unrealistic and will never happen. I do think the jury's still out on his coaching ability but we'll never really know because he will never have the talent.
  10. The one Way CBG keeps his job....

    Meh. I think it's an apples-to-oranges comparison. Hewitt was an awful coach with incredible talent throughout his tenure. So what if he added more talent to the mix - he'd had great talent for years and driven the program into the ground. Gregory is a decent in-game coach, we've just had...
  11. Real Jabari news thread

    We played against some of the best DT's in the nation this year - particularly Grady Jarrett, who absolutely terrorized the middle against us. If Jabari is anywhere near as good as he is, much less better, we will have an infinitely different looking DL next season.
  12. Who is our 1-8?

    Jamal Golden is a wild card, IMO. He makes some really impactful plays, but he's also been a pretty poor tackler at times. He seemed to get better as the season progressed - was it possibly related to his shoulder injury last year? I can't imagine that it would be easy to recover...
  13. UVA Game Thread

    To be fair, Virginia is really, really good. This loss sucked and Gregory will, and should be fired, but UVA has held 3 respectable opponents under 30 points this year. Harvard has been to 3 straight NCAA tournaments and likely will again, but UVA beat them 76-27. Losing the way we did last...
  14. Early signing period

    This. If you're not ready to sign in December, then don't commit. If you're committed and refuse to sign, then you're not committed, so we look elsewhere.
  15. Early signing period

    I thought the whole point was to do it before these guys' senior season?
  16. Is the next Duke Johnson or Geovani Bendard....

    ACC 60 m track bests: Snoddy - 6.75 s Spiller - 6.65 s IIRC, Spiller was an All-American. He was really fast.
  17. Is the next Duke Johnson or Geovani Bendard....

    True, but we also haven't had a true playmaking A-back yet. Can you imagine what our offense would look like if we had somebody like CJ Spiller? I'm pretty sure he'd get plenty of touches both rushing and receiving, and we'd find some creative ways to get the ball in his hands.
  18. Offensive Styles

    It's kind of funny - the same Clemson fans who think the GT offense is antiquated were cussing Chad Morris for weeks after Clemson lost to FSU because they were unable to gain any yards in short yardage situations due to running their plays out of the shotgun.
  19. Why didn't we see more of the Bgap dive and/or midline in other games?

    I'm pretty sure the one he broke outside was a busted play. The LT (maybe Griffin?) missed his block and the play was going to be blown up. Bostic picked up the rusher, but that left the guy that Bostic was supposed to block. Fortunately JT outran some people and made it work.
  20. Mutts taking it hard...

    That Dooley article is really interesting. While the parallels are hard to deny, I still wouldn't support Richt if I was a UGA fan. It's not that they're up and down - they pretty consistently lose to the teams they need to beat to reach that next level. Here's what would seal it for me...