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  1. Maryland's move to BIG10, would have been better off moving too? Interesting article from J Feinstein on Maryland's move to the BIG10. Makes me think we would be in a similar position if we would have moved. Yes we would have a lot more money, however as far as in conference we...
  2. Ted Roof Oklahoma At the 21:06 mark they are discussing Oklahoma's 3 game losing streak and why. They go off on Roof, even though I think he is a good LB coach, have to agree with them. He seems to always land on his feet no...
  3. Fair analysis of GT

    I thought the analysis of our situation was very accurate of who we have been for a long time in this article. I would say it goes further back even then O’Leary. The wreck at Tech What is the Yellow Jackets’ brand, at least when it comes to football? Frankly, it’s one of steady competence...
  4. BASF trying to steal old gold
  5. Scale baby Scale

    It’s funny to me, that people can see all the changes going on around them and not connect them. The internet, iphone, and social media has changed so much about how companies/institutions can grow, but people still don’t understand it. This is the part that I think most people are missing. It...
  6. GT number 15 in lowest talent on roster

    Interesting information about our talent level.
  7. Pro Style Spread Offense 101

    For those that have basic questions about the new offense, here’s a good Spread Offense 101 and yes it is a pro style offense, NFL teams are doing this all the time now. This is the base set of plays we have to be good at to then add all the other fancy stuff.
  8. Most blown 4th Quarter leads since 2012

    Interesting list, we are tied for fifth on.
  9. NFL Triple Option

    Nice film put together of the NFL Triple Option. CPJ should have started calling his offense NFL style as soon as this started. This is what the Ravens were interested in. ""
  10. Offensive Transition at Nebraska (4-8) last year

    This is a good article on the offensive transition at Nebraska done by Scott Frost. I think these changes are very likely to be done by us, as they incorporate a lot of option plays...
  11. Roster Management

    I was wondering what people see as the likely numbers at each position going forward. My current/future #’s. I’m keeping all of our A-backs in the RB category. I’m not accounting for position flexibility at this point. Big change is RB losing 6. 2 go to TE, 2 to OL, 2 to DL. 1 QB goes to 1 LB...
  12. Kevin Morrison WBB coach?

    Anyone know what happened with Kevin Morrison GTWBB asst coach? He seems to have disappeared. Not listed on website anymore and I saw we hired a new asst coach already to replace him.
  13. Emanuel Bridges Transferring

  14. UVA Nichols Dismissed Any chance at GT?

    Saw that Nichols a former Memphis player under CJP was dismissed at UVA after playing only one game. Any chance he reunites with CJP or was it a bad break?
  15. New Offensive GA

    Football scoop reporting we hired a new offensive GA. Georgia Tech: Shorter University offensive line coach Blake DeBartalo has accepted a GA spot at Georgia Tech
  16. Hal Mumme interview talks about CPJ HM: I still find our stuff fun to watch. If I was going to run the ball, I'd do what Paul Johnson does at Georgia Tech. I'm kind of an all-or-nothing kind of guy. They're fun to watch. SH: If you were going to run it...
  17. Early 2014 Coastal Prediction

    David Peel has an early costal division prediction up at,0, He is a pretty knowledgeable writer and has us at 6th based on losing a lot of starters. At this point I would agree since a lot of our new starters are...
  18. CPJ one of five OCs to have more the 5 ypp three yrs running

    CPJ one of five OCs to have more the 5 ypp three yrs running. This is a nice reminder that we have consistently been pretty good on offense overall. I feel we should see continued...