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  1. Jake Fromm's NFL career off to a rocky start

    Might be over with already. Sounds like the scumbag redneck we all knew he was when reading through all of the twitter comments.
  2. RIP Pat Dye

  3. GT students really getting a bonus shaft This after Cabera goes wishy washy on whether classes in person classes get canceled or not. smh
  4. Sick Richt

  5. Turnover Cruzer

    Is this real? Wonder if it will be on the sidelines during games.
  6. So what did Joseph do?
  7. Mbob

    Just watched pjs full presser. He won't even mention mbobs name, but man did he refer to him. I hope cpj can share some details about what went on between them in a few years. And speaking of, that kinda makes me wonder about Brohm turning down his alma mater to stay with mboob @purdue.
  8. Auburn scrimmage

    How did it go?
  9. B10 gets $52MM each

    Delaney playing chess while lil girl swafford playing with his nuts.
  10. Curry gives away free swag to UMBC

    So NBA superstar gives away thousands of dollars of gear to poor community college darlings of the tourney and its all good.....Former player gives a current star player $300 worth of swag and we lose ACC title. wtf
  11. The Two Bills 30 for 30

    Anyone seen this? GT and Eddie Lee Ivery get a mention.
  12. Well we made the front page of TMZ
  13. Stay classy canes
  14. GT is the only undefeated team vs the spread

    I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere. 6-0 Pretty impressive if you ask me.
  15. Our friend D-rob out for the year. Had a pretty good freshman year. Didn't look like this year started out well for him. Hopefully he heals up and can finishes his career strong.
  16. MB Stadium?

    Thought? I wasn't impressed. Sitting in the upper deck you can't get a full view of the video board. When you do, all that's on there is tweets and ads. Playclock, down and distance is like playing where's waldo. Game stats displayed maybe every 20 minutes Concessions were a nightmare...
  17. Any reason we (or anyone else) didn't cruit Cam's brother?

    Grades? Meddlesome family? Size? He was literally in our backyard and had 0 P5 offers. Hell not even G5 offers.
  18. Temple

    Not impressed.
  19. We're the most liked school in the ACC

    Dunno if that is a good or bad thing.
  20. Paul ripping them at dinner C'mon man.