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  1. Catch up with Reggie Ball

    Great free article on rivals about Reggie. He has some funny things to say about ugag. I think y'all will enjoy it.
  2. Former Georgia RB Robert Arnaud

    Has apparently killed himself, yesterday. He was an assistant football coach at Eagle's Landing High School. Very sad.
  3. Tech Adidas baseball gear

    Does anyone know if they have been selling the Gold v neck baseball jersey or the navy blue hat with the gold T on it at the souvernier stand at Russ Chandler? I plan on getting to some games soon and just wanted a heads up so I could be looking for some.
  4. Need a little help

    I am a big fan of these Mission belts and I sent them an e-mail asking when they would create one for Georgia Tech. They responded by saying that if they got enough people asking for them they would create one. If any of y'all might be interested, check out their NCAA Collection and if you like...

    Tyrone played OL in the mid 80's. Transferred from ugag after NCAA investigation involving a booster giving him money for a down payment on a $900.00 used car. Ugag lost seven scholarships for that one. I always like Tyrone because dwags hated him so much. Damn Good Jacket!
  6. Why Dodd why?

    As many great things Bobby Dodd accomplished as a head coach his time as athletic director was disasterous for Tech football for years to come. We all know about his decision to leave the SEC while he was head coach/ AD but something that is rarely talked about is his handling of Frank Broyles...