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  1. Genuine Questions!

    Guys I have a few questions that I really would like to put out there for intelligent responses. Why is it that when a player transfers he is seen as being entitled, immature, wasn't raised properly by parents, impatient etc.... and it is not simply seen as another opportunity that may work...
  2. Hey GT Fam

    Well the Dr. just left my room and the surgery will be in 2 hours. Whew. Standing on my faith. I appreciate the prayers and kind words. I will be down for a few days so let me take the time now to say. GO TECH!!!!
  3. Have Anyone Heard??

    Of another player leaving the team other than Summers? A GT alumni hit me last night and stated that someone else has decided to leave.
  4. Question for Eric

    Bro you guys are doing a great job with the site. I enjoy reading it when I can. Eric I don't know if you have done this before but have you ever interviewed all players of a certain position instead of individually? For example interview all of the defensive lineman together in a group Q&A...
  5. What does Georgia Tech have to do to WIN!!!!!

    Looking at the ups and downs of this season, what do we have to do to win this game?
  6. Our Yellow Jackets!!!!!

    Reading several comments on other website about the team, the coach, season etc.. First let's address the reoccurring statement that we have a lack of talent. We have more talent than many wish to acknowledge. We just seem to try to fit a square peg in a round whole. In other words we have...
  7. Chose Your 2013 GT Roster

    Offense QB Vad Lee C Jay Finch OG Shaq Mason and Will Jackson OT Ray Beno and Brian Chamberlin WR DeAndrea Smelter and Mike Summer HB Robert Godhigh and Deon Hill/Zack Laskey FB David Sims Defense DE E. Dieke and Anthony Willams DT A. Gotsis and S. Green LB...
  8. Yellow Jacket Issues

    1. First lets not bash all the players, you can't win a game alone. So by making statements like we have no talent is weak. 2. Coach Speed is a great coach but it is his first year coaching DB's. It is clear that there is a lot of coverage issues. Don't take my Word for it. Watch the film...