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  1. Charles Mitchell?

    Eric, have you heard anything about this young man wanting to possible come to Tech? Being from Wheeler and wanting to be closer to home, it would seem logical that Tech would be a good landing spot. Also, with Maryland leaving the ACC, there wouldn't be any penalties for transferring within the...
  2. The draft?

    Assuming the AJC is correct, how many times in the last ten years has Tech had more players drafted than ugag? The reason I ask is if you look, Tech did this year and no one is talking about!!!! When was the last time Tech had three players drafted in one year? Does this mean that the talent at...
  3. Myles Autry?

    Rivals has him down as PG basketball commit for the 14 class. Is he really coming in to play two sports? That would be news to me.
  4. GSU

    Southern had there way with the Jackets tonight. I know they have a decent to good program, but this is not a good start for a team that typically starts strong in the early part of the season and then fades late. Not looking forward to conf play.
  5. MGH

    I am hoping he becomes BJ Elder part two. I see a lot of similarities between their talents. A interesting thought, if BJ doesn't get hurt during the final four run, Tech may very well win the national title. Would P Blewit still be here? Discuss amongst yourselves.
  6. Who is staying and who is going?

    Football season being over and with all the speculation of players leaving and coaches jumping ship, what players have decided Tech is no longer for them and what coaches are looking for greener pastures? All though it is not in the national media, I am still hearing Johnson may be gone before...
  7. Bolden?

    Why is he still starting? SG is supposed to a scorer not a brick mason. He can't hit his ugly floater and sure as hell can't hit from behind the line at a high enough percentage to scare anyone. Solo is playing at much higher level right now it isn't even funny. Am I the only one that feels this...