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  1. Georgia Tech Players Doing Georgia Tech Things

    He did but thanks for looking out
  2. Georgia Tech Players Doing Georgia Tech Things

    Coach ("Hard Hat) Green!!!! First congratulations on Trinity Christians 4th Straight State Championship. Hey man I love what you guys do at Trinity. I actually worked with the agent that tried to land Coach Ross. Also was a big fan of GUS. If Gus would had avoided the injury bug he would have...
  3. Genuine Questions!

    Guys I have a few questions that I really would like to put out there for intelligent responses. Why is it that when a player transfers he is seen as being entitled, immature, wasn't raised properly by parents, impatient etc.... and it is not simply seen as another opportunity that may work...
  4. Hey GT Fam

    Hey Fam. Thanks for all of your prayers. All went well. They are actually going to allow me to do a little walking today. You guys are awesome. I really really appreciate it. I was asked by the Dr if I had a support group to assist me with the mental of having a device strapped to my side that...
  5. Hey GT Fam

    Well the Dr. just left my room and the surgery will be in 2 hours. Whew. Standing on my faith. I appreciate the prayers and kind words. I will be down for a few days so let me take the time now to say. GO TECH!!!!
  6. Mercer preparation

    Lynn Griffin just fell off the chart. They should have just left him at safety.
  7. Postgame BC

  8. Postgame BC

    I appreciate it. Me too
  9. Postgame BC

    I though I would see Lynn Griffin as well. From what I saw at the end of last year, I thought he would contribute. Don't get me wrong. JJ Green is a good athlete but I saw a lot of missed assignments. On another note. Guys I am in the hospital preparing for the installation of a LVAD. This is...
  10. Spring Practice 2016 News & Notes

    Lynn is an athlete but I think dude is a big hitting safety!
  11. Justin Thomas

    Oops A family member
  12. Justin Thomas

    I family member confirmed what you're stating
  13. Have Anyone Heard??

    There is more to this story but it is up to Jabari to share. I think we sometimes rush to judge a kid or call a kid stupid for his mistakes when if we are honest, we have made some bonehead decisions during our teen and young adult years. Well I know I have but I have been blessed enough to...
  14. Have Anyone Heard??

    Hopefully it is just a rumor.
  15. Have Anyone Heard??

    The timing is just weird.
  16. Have Anyone Heard??

    Of another player leaving the team other than Summers? A GT alumni hit me last night and stated that someone else has decided to leave.
  17. VT Postgame

    I hear you bro but it should have never come to that play. We blew to many opportunities
  18. College Head Coaches that have Never Played Football at a High level