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  1. pinglett

    NFL Draft results

    Just setting this up for any news on our players.
  2. pinglett

    USF/Raymond James Roll Call

    My son and I will be there in Section 136. Would love to meet up with some Swarmers down there.
  3. pinglett

    Walk-on Scholarships

    Very very cool. What this says about our coach and team is priceless. Hope the link works, and my apologies if this has already been posted and I missed it.
  4. pinglett

    UVA Roll Call

    Just seeing who will be there. I'm coming with a large group, and we'll be in the lower part of Section 216. Would love to stop by and say hello to any of you who are tailgating.
  5. pinglett

    A plea for accurate measurables

    Maybe I'm going crazy waiting for spring ball to start, but I get frustrated with the discussions about schemes, and 2-deeps, and our projected record next year, when all of that is largely based on the measurables (ht, wt, 40 time, etc.) of our personnel. The problem is that no one seems to...
  6. pinglett

    Congrats to Sneezy

    3rd Team All America!