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  1. MBB Attendance

    I honestly believe its the style of play. We can majority agree on the offense being ancient and not catering to our players which would make us think they are not that good when in fact they really are.
  2. GT vs. N. Alabama--11/26/22

    Isn't that how the game is supposed to be played read & react, but yes I'm confused to why they are overly persistent about those rim finishes that we don't get any offensive rebounds out of
  3. Fans need to be a little patient in Pastner.

    😂😂😂😂😂 why it is working
  4. Is the Ft. Myers Tip-Off still on?

    Why does everyone else see the issue is with the offense, except the coaches. Why haven't anyone that claims they know & bump elbows with CJP shared some content with him. I have been concerned about our offense for a while, even watching what they do coming out of a timeout or to begin the 2nd...
  5. Is the Ft. Myers Tip-Off still on?

    Well this tournament exposed our lack of sets and ball movement. All Marquette did was make the extra pass, hell all the basketball I've watched teams, made extra passes it's called "1 more". It's early enough we can bag & trash the offense & coach can start coaching them to make more passes &...
  6. Is the Ft. Myers Tip-Off still on?

    I agree w/u he is much better around the basket, but our offense continues to put him away from the basket. I may be wrong, but I don't remember seeing him utilized in any P&R or any side action. Have I said the offense sucks
  7. Is the Ft. Myers Tip-Off still on?

    Yes I agree until we quit "giving the ball a headache" our offense will continue to struggle. How is it the forum members recognize these things, but yet our staff has not or has & are not willing to strategically make adjustments based on our personnel. We have known since summer 2021 that the...
  8. GT vs Clayton State game notes

    Our 2 secret scrimmages counted as our exhibition games. I believe previously we have played a secret scrimmage & then an exhibition game. Neither game counts towards your record though.
  9. Georgia Tech Basketball: Roster Preview
  10. GTMBB 80 Vandy 76 ( Secret exhibition)

    Deebo was leading scorer and Miles was 2nd leading scorer
  11. Fans need to be a little patient in Pastner.

    That part about the offense
  12. Tech vs Louisville

    Agree with you about "his schematics", they exposed Devoe for sure and he did not help him boost his stock for the NBA, his name has not shown up on any mock draft boards not that that matters since Jose nor Moses names were on draft boards either, but he did adjust for their individual...
  13. ZERO commits

    I have the same optimism as LVgt, but you are right if JP doesn't change the offense based on the players strength then that may cause some struggles. That isn't a player issue if the coach isn't making the necessary adjustments. We will be ok next season
  14. NC st. Vs GT, Battle to Stay/Get Out of the Basement

    At least we will have the opportunity to actually confirm that....
  15. NC st. Vs GT, Battle to Stay/Get Out of the Basement

    WRONG we will be better more team, guys will play better knowing every play isn't an Iso
  16. NC st. Vs GT, Battle to Stay/Get Out of the Basement

    Major reason why we're losing who would play hard if that is happening game after game. Move the ball
  17. Georgia Tech vs. Virginia Saturday, February 12, 2022, 4 PM, Charlottesville

    I'm sure that's why Deebo only got 1 attempt tonight from the 3 tonight, it's a pattern that whenever he has a good game you can bet he'll only have 1-2 attempts the next game. Our iso guys will make sure of that. K. Moore gets 1 attempt, again our funky Offense aids in putting us in the lost...