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  1. Dominant SEC Football Teams

    If you were just scanning the AJC headlines, you might have missed the article linked below. Note Tech’s positions relative to UGA’s. The ’52 team stood tall (#9 0n the list). Interesting that the Tech '56 team was ranked and the Tenn team that beat us (ranked #2 in the final AP and Coaches...
  2. Recruiting rankings: then vs. now

    Interesting look at 2016 class re-ranked top 10 vs. original 2016 ranking. Shows that some were on the money or close, but others surprised:
  3. Oklahoma State hires Duke Defensive Coordinator

    This may be good for us. Duke has pretty much had its way with us lately.
  4. Marcus Marshall

    For the curious, he gained 31 yards in 9 carries yesterday in JMU's 52-10 route of East Tennessee State.
  5. Billy Teas 1954

    It was late October 1954, a couple of days before we were to play #16 Duke in Durham. Our star was halfback Billy Teas, a likely All American with a 7.9 yards per carry average to that point in the season. On Thursday before the game Coach Dodd kicked Teas off the team for missing curfew...
  6. Recruiting: Anything we can learn from.....

    Vandy?? They look very much like 'the Duke of the SEC' and have almost always had difficulty recruiting football players against their state university rival, but as of a few minutes ago, Scout had them ranked #20. Ten commits: five 4-star, five 3-star, all top 100 players at their positions...
  7. Changes to CFB recruiting rules

    I think a step in the right direction: