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  1. GTJake

    NCAA Tournament & COVID-19

    Here's crazier than crazy ... the NCAAT gets canceled and the NCAA grants an additional year of eligibility to all seniors who want them as compensation for missing the opportunity to play. Banks comes back, Cole decides to stay and we have our whole team back ... just a "GT Homer" thought.
  2. GTJake

    NCAA Tournament & COVID-19

    Crazy-Crazy goings-on ... but if played as is, they still have the TV revenue, which is huge. I'm selfish and shallow, I just want it played so that we have no question that our post-season ban is removed for next year ...
  3. GTJake

    What's the takeaway with the number of transfers?

    Cole hurts because it effects our depth and experience, the others don't bother me and depending on transfers-in, might be a good thing. And, I agree with whoever said this has nothing to do with Pastner.
  4. GTJake

    Mark Richt at GT

    Like it, very cool !!
  5. GTJake

    Thanks for a great season of MBB!

    I would say (as others have) it was a great finish to an up and down season. I would also agree that CJP needs to recruit better. I loved what Banks had to say about Pastner and that alone might help turn around his recruiting success. Replacing a coach is not always the best answer as...
  6. GTJake

    Mark Richt at GT

    I'm probably in the minority, but I have no ill feelings toward Mark Richt and think he's basically a good guy. From what I have seen of him on the ACCN, he has treated us OK.
  7. GTJake

    Season Ticket Sales

    Same here, I have Clemson friends on Lake Hartwell and in Seneca, who coincidentally have also invited me to the Masters. For Tech games we would go up on Friday Afternoon and spend the weekend with an all-day tailgate on gameday. Great folks and always, win or lose, great times !
  8. GTJake

    So, should we withdraw the appeal on post season ban?

    ... and to add insult to injury, the current #1 team in the country, Kansas and HC Bill Self are the biggest scumbag cheaters of all !!!!!
  9. GTJake

    ACC Discussion 2019-20

    Unfortunately, that is possible, but not probable. Is there a deadline for withdrawing the Appeal ? I'm not sure I'd gamble losing post-season eligibility for next year for a NIT Bid ... especially the way we've been treated by the NCAA in past history !
  10. GTJake

    ACC Discussion 2019-20

    It's pretty amazing to me that we are tied for 5th in the ACC with four other teams. All the other teams I have seen mentioned as on the bubble, first four in or first four out in various publications. Not one time have I even seen us mentioned in any context, maybe it's the NCAA Sanctions, but...
  11. GTJake

    Game Thread - Miami, 2/29

    Yes, it could be better, but at least the games are still relevant and we are playing better basketball. The latest Joe Lunardi bracket has NC State included in one of the play-in games, so who knows ...
  12. GTJake

    Great article on Football and other sports

    I second that motion ... Go for it !!
  13. GTJake

    2020 Atlanta Braves News

    I'm definitely ready for some Baseball Buzz. Leaving Sunday the 29th for three games in San Diego at Petco Park. Staying right on the Bay with the Park across the street and the Gas Lamp District a block away ... doesn't get much better. Hopefully I'll be taking a broom with me to the Wednesday...
  14. GTJake

    2020 Atlanta Braves News

    Yea, I guess you never know, but it's never a good sign. Folty's deal last spring ended up with him being lost for half the season and almost forever ...
  15. GTJake

    2020 Atlanta Braves News

    Thanks Buzz, good news, but I'll still worry about it until I see Freddie back to doing his thing on a regular basis.
  16. GTJake

    2020 Atlanta Braves News

    OHOH ... not good !!
  17. GTJake

    2020 Atlanta Braves News

    I don't know Mike, it's a long season and we all know it's all about September-October. I kind of like the idea, I think Markakis is capable and Freddy isn't a spring chicken anymore. We need to work on having that mojo going into the post season, let's keep the boys as fresh as possible !
  18. GTJake

    What's missing?

    No and I'm in the same boat, I have been waiting all season for this team to turn the corner and go on a run and I'm still waiting. I believe we have the talent to be better and are at times close and at times far. I don't dislike Josh but I believe there is a HC element missing, maybe it's...
  19. GTJake

    2020 Atlanta Braves News

    Hey Mike, Hopefully he remembers to "fire out of the box" in September and October ...