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  1. SolicitorJacket

    That was a horrible broadcast

    You could certainly we tell we had the b-team for the raycom broadcast today. Take Spikes is incredibly raw and unpolished in the booth, but I thought he would come up with an interesting bit of insight from time to time. The play by play guy was your typical cable tv automaton But man oh man...
  2. SolicitorJacket

    If you needed further proof that 680 are clowns...

    Chuck and Chernoff just spent the better part of 5 plus minutes of airtime lauding Kirby Smart for his handling of a particular recruit. See if this scenario sounds familiar: -Dwags have a commitment from a 4 star rb out of Texas -Tom Herman comes into Texas and starts trying to woo this rb...
  3. SolicitorJacket

    The return of Uncle Rico

    Brian Van Gorder back with the dwags in a consulting role. I thought I caught a whiff of Massengill Vinegar and Water on the I know why.