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  1. Texas vs Bama (Choice vs Gibbs)

    Easy choice for me. I cut my teeth on Bama football. First college game saw Bama beat a returning Veteran Charlie Trippi 28-14 at Legion field. IIRC that was 1945 Bama and Army undefeated. My Son a true A & M Aggie 4 years in the corps, commissioned, now retired Naval aviator. So Texas is on...
  2. NCAA Tourney

    had to wash my mouth out after the game to get rid of the bad taste having pulled for ND?
  3. Va Tech - ACC Play Begins

    I'm not superstitious, except when it comes to SPORTS!!
  4. A new Technology?? Or repackaged existing Technology?

    Could be a fun ap but wonder about possible legal issues,
  5. A new Technology?? Or repackaged existing Technology?

    Stumbled across this site; Todays advancements over my head but is there any merit to this company? Seems to be a start up working on raster to vector technology and other video enhancements for several years.
  6. RIP Demaryius Thomas

    "Most people saw what Demaryius Thomas could do on the field. Off the field, he was even more special." I pray the peace of God is with his family. Romans 15:33 Now the God of peace be with you all. Amen What higher praise can be given to anyone, but especially to someone who excelled as DT...
  7. Ajc says Yates might start today due to a Sims injury

    Baylor giving OK their first defeat.
  8. Ajc says Yates might start today due to a Sims injury

    Had to settle for 3. Fla 56 Samf 52
  9. Ajc says Yates might start today due to a Sims injury

    Samford just had tying Td called back.
  10. Gameday!!!!!!!!!!

    Check out the Florida Samford score. 42-28 Samford
  11. Stetson - 2 Free Tix + Parking Pass

    WREK not broadcasting game tonight? where can I find on radio?
  12. Stetson - 2 Free Tix + Parking Pass

    is tip off at 6:30 tonight??
  13. College World Series

    Is it best 2 out of 3? I thought it would be sudden death since they each have one loss. I am pulling for Vandy also.
  14. College World Series

    well crud all sec final
  15. College World Series

    I see it was. I am an Aggie fan and hate burnt orange but I don't want to see a SEC champion
  16. College World Series

    So sudden death Vandy NC State cancelled??
  17. College World Series

    ACC vs SEC in winners bracket
  18. College World Series

    had to be great game. Vandy came from behind to go ahead 6-5. Ariz. tied in top 9th. Vandy had 3 errors early. Too bad not that sloppy against us.
  19. College World Series

    Vandy 7 Ariz 6 12 innings
  20. College World Series

    The NC State we played the opening ACC series didn't seem to be the one that beat Arkansas unless we went in an opposite downward spiral. Which pitching wise may have been the case.