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  1. GTJoeBrew

    Ricky Juene continues to make great catches

    Ricky is turning into quite the unsung hero for Tech. He made two great diving sideline catches yesterday. He showed how strong his hands and body control is on the first catch. I tried to find video of the first one on YouTube but came up empty. Might have to screen capture it from the game.
  2. GTJoeBrew

    Paul Johnson Radio Show- 9/18

    I didn't see anything posted on this, so here's the link to listen: Some pretty good tidbits. -Back to full strength. -Thinks Will Bryan would play even better if they were able to leave him at one position, but due to depth...
  3. GTJoeBrew

    Freddie Burden's Injury

    Has anyone heard anything about Freddie's injury? It looked like a knee injury. Was a nice moment at the game when everyone was chanting Freddie as he came off the field.
  4. GTJoeBrew

    Team Chaplain

    Just ran into Derrick Moore in the lobby! He said he has the best pump up speech of the Year ready for tomorrow!
  5. GTJoeBrew

    Paul Johnson Radio Show

    Don't think anyone posted the link yet: I'm listening to it now. There are usually some gems on hate week.
  6. GTJoeBrew

    Article: Hey Yellow Jackets Fans, R-E-L-A-X !

    A good glass half full kind of article. I agree with what he says, we will be fine at BB. "If you believed everything you read over the past several weeks about the state of Georgia Tech’s B-Back situation, you would be panicking and worried that we had resorted to Bobby Boucher carrying the...
  7. GTJoeBrew

    History of Georgia Tech Football

    JSM Productions uploaded another awesome video a couple of days ago. I really like what this guys is doing with player/team highlights.
  8. GTJoeBrew

    Smelter Highlight Vid

    I couldn't find a thread dedicated to Deandre, so thought I would make a new one for his highlight video. Youtube user JSM Productions had been making highlight videos for players across CFB, and has made a few for GT players.
  9. GTJoeBrew

    Filled with excitement (and a little nervousness)

    After a mixed 2014 of highs and lows, my wife and I have decided five years was long enough to live so far away from family and friends. It is now time to move home. Pending a job offer, we will most likely be making the long trek from Anchorage back to Lilburn early this summer. Things I'm...
  10. GTJoeBrew

    Story of the season: GT

    Good article by Matt Fortuna. He's definitely right in saying that next season can't come fast enough for GT!
  11. GTJoeBrew

    Yellow Jacket Productions

    The Yellow Jacket Productions youtube page loaded a video with highlights from throughout the season. Not sure if its a finished produce because it is just called Yellow Jacket Productions Trailer, but is it still good.
  12. GTJoeBrew

    Option QB Stats

    While I was re-watching the game I saw this: I believe someone was recently asking why option QB stats aren't kept. Since ESPN had this stat available, do you think that they keep it somewhere? Might be worth some digging. Would love to see what these categories looked like in other games to...
  13. GTJoeBrew

    Final OFEI Rank

    GT ended the season with the highest Offensive Fremeau Efficiency Index since it began to be recorded (I think in 2007). Here's the link. We jumped from .968 to .999 after the bowl game. For reference, here's what each column stands for: OFEI: Offensive FEI, the opponent-adjusted efficiency...
  14. GTJoeBrew

    Already got my Xmas wish!

    I thought it might be kind of cool to list hopes that you all had for the season before it started, then the ones for 2015. For me, I wanted one thing... To beat uga. I got that! Another unexpected gift that I received was a chance to see Tech play in the ACC championship with my son. We had...
  15. GTJoeBrew

    Odds of scoring based on field position

    Nice read on FTRS: Basically, it shows that if we start our drives within the opposing teams 20 yard line, we have scored a TD every time this year. On the opposite...
  16. GTJoeBrew

    Week 7

    If we continue to improve and beat Duke this weekend, things will be looking really good for the Jackets. There are only 10 undefeated teams left: Arizona, Auburn, Baylor, Florida State, Georiga Tech, Marshall, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Notre Dame, and TCU. Here are the games that are/could...
  17. GTJoeBrew

    2014 Fulmer Cup Standings

    Looks like the Fulmer Cup is no longer updated at EDSBS, but reddit has decided to keep track of the points: I filtered out FCS which shows the top is SEC heavy. uga right up there as usual. Tech has 0 points as of now. Let's keep it that way!