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  1. MacDaddy2

    Glad you asked

    CPJ is in season # 10 here at the flats. How has he done against the 3 teams that is most important in winning the Coastal division and advancing to the ACC championship game: Clemson 4-6 Miami 2-8 VT 3-6 (with 3-7 looming in around six days) Cumulatively that is 9-20 (soon to be 21). The...
  2. MacDaddy2

    Great news for our program

    Monday January the 18th is a big day. It is on that day that underclassmen must declare if they intend to be in the NFL draft. Our offensive system produces no such players therefore we should have an advantage with our experience.
  3. MacDaddy2

    A little curious

    when was the last time our guys were held without a rushing touchdown?
  4. MacDaddy2

    Is the Diesel in danger of being cut?

    His preseason stats are 14 carries for 24 yards. I hope he is doing well in practice.
  5. MacDaddy2

    Beer Sales at FCS schools

    So why wouldn't we do this? God knows we have enough ex coaches on the payroll that we need to payoff.
  6. MacDaddy2

    Power 5 Scheduling

    Interesting article on ESPN. I am not surprised that our coach voted against the idea of the Power 5 playing exclusively amongst themselves. There are numerous reasons why he would vote that way and there is no reason to assume simply negative thoughts...
  7. MacDaddy2

    Am I looking at this correctly?

    For the 2014-2015 season our roster, excluding walk-ons, is: Seniors: Poole Jr. Sampson Juniors: Poole (If he is still on campus) Bolden MGH Carter Jr. Sophomores: Jorgensen Heyward Stephens Freshmen: Lammers Jackson