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  1. SolicitorJacket

    Game Day Attendance

    I am hopeful that the excitement generated by the new regime will, when combined with some wins, result in better attendance. Atlanta loves and supports a winner, but Tech in recent years has not gotten much of a bump even when winning. The dwags pretty much control the media narrative so it...
  2. SolicitorJacket

    BMW co marketing

    I understand the $$$ behind it, but it still aggravates me that we dont have a Tech centered Ford campaign when our freaking mascot is a Ford.
  3. SolicitorJacket

    Shapiro needs to let it go

    I would be interested in knowing what was said and what the context was. Years ago Shapiro responded to an email I sent him and in so many words indicated that Tech football would never get sterling coverage as long as CPJ was coach
  4. SolicitorJacket

    680 another uga booster

    Follow the money.
  5. SolicitorJacket

    Is uga scared?

    They are not scared right now, nor should they be. However, if we start to sign classes way above what we have been and you start to see some sustained buzz around the program, I think you will see the Red and Black machine turn its focus this way. UGA's worst nightmare as a program is to wake...
  6. SolicitorJacket

    Changes Afoot at Georgia Tech Spring Practice

    The media will play along until the dwag hoarde gets ticked off and threatens to hit em in the wallet.
  7. SolicitorJacket

    The "Collins effect "........

    Things really turned for CPJ when we lost the game to the dwags in 2009. Had we won that game, the media would have had sufficient cover with the dwag horde to be even more supportive. That was followed up by the dud Frozen Orange bowl against Iowa and soon after NCAA probation. Then 4 meh years...
  8. SolicitorJacket

    I think we got the right coach ... because all the mutts hate him!

    This is all part of the dwag neurosis. They are petrified at the thought of waking up one day and finding themselves the second best program in the state. They probably need not worry but they do anyway and it is amusing to watch. However, I would watch out. If CGC at all starts to make a dent...
  9. SolicitorJacket

    Where are we now?

    I am excited and hopeful that we can use this change in philosophy to truly become a regular player on the national scene. I am also excited, because having CGC here may go a long way toward answering some questions we have had for a long time. 1) We will find out EXACTLY how much of Tech's...
  10. SolicitorJacket

    First play next year

    B-Back dive out of the standard set, just for the lulz.
  11. SolicitorJacket

    UGA Postgame Discussion

    In the age we are living in, if it feels true and conforms to your deeply held prejudices, it must be true.
  12. SolicitorJacket

    Take that 680 the dwag.

    The party line is that there is nothing systemic that prevents Tech from recruiting at the same level. They do this to mirror the dwag narrative as much as possible. There are several reasons for this: 1) When Tech's recruiting is not up to factory levels, it means that Tech is just a miserable...
  13. SolicitorJacket

    Audio controller for stadium

    This has been going on for years. I never understood why they dont ever get the Yellow Jackets call and response cheer going until late in the season. They used to have player videos to do it, never until late. It is like they forget every year and suddenly go...."Oh yeah!!!".
  14. SolicitorJacket

    Dukes & Bell

    Valid point had the thread not started in September and the trashing having been consistent in and out of sweeps.
  15. SolicitorJacket

    UVa Preview

    UVA does not beat Tech 41-38. It can be 39-38, 40-38, 42-38 etc. But not 41-38.
  16. SolicitorJacket

    Georgia Tech Bowl Projections

    I am always up for renewing the game with Auburn if that is a possibility.
  17. SolicitorJacket

    ACC Football Thread

    I take it those bowl guys dont see us beating UVA next week, much less the buttsniffers.
  18. SolicitorJacket

    Coastal Chaos

    Pitt with the dirty cut block on the TD.