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  1. GTBandman

    Geoff Collins worst GT coach of all time

    GT was 8-5 in 1991 because of 21 fumbles and 18 interceptions given up - 39 turnovers in 13 games. There was a lot of talent to overcome it. Incredibly: Big Play Clay had 9 picks by himself out 18 taken for our D.
  2. GTBandman

    CGC Radio Show

    O'Leary was great at "Lunch with George" at AMC before home games. Could not do it today with all the recording cell phones.
  3. GTBandman

    Jeff Sims Preseason Love

    If our new QB coach has Sims looking at someone else and not staring down where he will throw it - we will be much better and I expect a big year with fewer turnovers. He has enough physical ability to be successful.
  4. GTBandman

    If our two Final Four squads played in a seven game series, who comes out on top?

    UNLV should have been given death penalty. GT was best team that year. cremins could hand the ball to KA and say play like first team to 100 wins and let it go.
  5. GTBandman

    Favorite road win

    I have been fortunate to see several wins at Auburn, Georgia, and Clemson. One of the best games I have ever seen in person wasn't a win, the Little Joe express in Tallahasee. Younger folks on here don' t realize how good FSU was for a long time, and especially their defense. That game wasn't...
  6. GTBandman

    Favorite road win

    Georgia 1990. Mutts got up early and then we curb stomped them. I had tix on 40yd line in middle of big bucks Mutt fans. They were gone by end of third qtr. The silence around me was sweeter than honey.
  7. GTBandman

    Random question. What is the loudest you've heard Bobby Dodd Stadium or The Thrillerdome in person? I'll start.

    i was also at the GT UNC game where Scott stole it and fired in the three. Absolutely went nuts with everyone else. I don't think I could talk for 2 days - no voice left.
  8. GTBandman

    Can we stay competitive in the NIL era?

    This is all nuts. 9 million NIL deal and still in HS and can't sign the LOI for another 6 months? We didn't pay our football HC that much not too long ago.
  9. GTBandman

    B1G expansion?

    Hard to tell: Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Oregon, Stanford and Cal-Berkley all AAU and no invite at this point - Stanford seems most likely to me but who knows? I hope GT, UNC and UVA make the jump. States of GA and NC are big states now with a whole lot of Big 10 alums who have moved south with...
  10. GTBandman

    Really we’ve sunk to a new low

    In more other news, at least it wasn't 100-0.
  11. GTBandman

    Thoughts on the Portal

    Most of the New Testament was written by the Apostle Paul to churches he established and left others in charge of.
  12. GTBandman

    Mostly “Fire Geoff Collins”, some reminiscing, maybe bourbon or other distractions

    your vegas adjusted is probably about right. I think most of believe we would be 5-5 or even a little better if our game day coaching was even mediocre. That is why we are so ticked off.
  13. GTBandman

    Sims Injury?

    AJC reporting Sims will play Saturday.
  14. GTBandman

    In all seriousness if we lose next week how bad will it get?

    I don't expect us to get more than one or two first downs in the first half against Clemson. If they want to score 70, they will. They will have the ball 70% of the time.
  15. GTBandman

    Expectations for the 2021 season

    Assuming everyone actually gets back to real practice, I really hope almost everyone outside Athens are better this year. Makes for a more enjoyable college football season.
  16. GTBandman

    Name and Likeness Law Signed by Kemp

    i don't understand why the NCAA's argument on anti-trust isn't related to the title IX requirements. The government tells schools they must spend money on a bunch of stuff that can't come close to supporting itself. If football and basketball players want to get paid, get rid of the boat anchors...
  17. GTBandman

    SI Story on Pitch Doctoring and Foreign Substances in MLB

    Just follow the rules. Someone please let me know when it will be illegal for an offensive lineman to hold.
  18. GTBandman

    Here's a COVID thread for you

    My 30 something daughter is fully Pfizer vaccinated and tested positive. Definitely has it. Lost sense of smell Sat. Husband negative (also full vaccine). Binax at-home test showed positive and then confirmed by doc office. 2 very young children including a nursing baby - her doc and the...
  19. GTBandman

    Graduation Success Rates

    When did they have a soul? I went to GT in the 70s and it was long gone by then if they ever had one.
  20. GTBandman

    2015 Warmest Year on Record

    Rising CO2 doesn’t cause famines. It increases plant (aka food) growth - greenhouses are literally made to grow plants. Not saying where plants grow couldn’t adjust, or human population may overgrow the ability to feed itself.