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  1. A new Technology?? Or repackaged existing Technology?

    Stumbled across this site; Todays advancements over my head but is there any merit to this company? Seems to be a start up working on raster to vector technology and other video enhancements for several years.
  2. New D should be better but there is no such thing as Pixie Dust

    This is not the 3 TD total per game; quick kick on 3rd down era. Our O must step up Against USF and control the clock and score 38 IMHO. In their App State Camellia bowl 31-28 win 2016 Toledo: Logan Woodside completed 18 of 26 passes for 247 yards and two touchdowns. He came in leading the...
  3. USF will test our pass D next week.

    Looks as if our pass D will be tested next week. " Blake Barnett threw three touchdown passes and ran for a fourth score in his South Florida debut and the Bulls beat Elon 34-14 in Saturday night's season opener. The 6-foot-5, 217-pounder, the opening-game starter for Alabama two years ago...
  4. social media video editor.

    This is a limited partnership I inherited from my Dad. After nearly 10 years of development, it appears to be close to being launched. Frankly it is over my head and I am of a much older generation and not interested in Social media. I am posting to see if there is any interest on this board...
  5. Dabo and Syracuse loss
  6. Is this going to be Upset weekend?

    Every season there seems to be a weekend or two with many more upsets than usual. Is the USA (1-4) upset of Troy (4-1) coming off a LSU win a precursor of many upsets this coming weekend?Our upset of the Canes, to be one of many? Go Jackets!! THWG!!!!
  7. July 4th

    Today Remember the Fallen and those who have served as "watchmen on the walls", to allow us, to enjoy simple things, like this forum and football and all sports. Have a blessed day with family and friends and remember those who gave us this Great Republic and the freedom to enjoy every day in...
  8. Bioprinted Tissues for Volumetric Muscle Loss Injury Organovo Collaborates With University of Virginia to Develop Bioprinted Tissues for Volumetric Muscle Loss Injury SAN DIEGO
  9. Stats of DAWGS Spring game Blk 22 Red 25 lots of passes.
  10. Some Spring Game Stats.
  11. 2014 so close to being undefeated

    We were two touchdowns and a field goal from being undefeated. But on the other hand there were some close plays that, if gone the other way, we could have had six losses. Our margin of error to be undefeated is really thin. There are many ? marks to be answered in the first games this year...
  12. Jaylend Ratliffe Present health and status

    IDRC seeing anything about him recently? Is he still working with team? Is there any hope he will be able to play again?
  13. Mercer Prepared for TO?

    Mercer should be good to evaluate, what we have learned about our assignments on offense this week. They played a TO team past weekend and plenty of time to prepare. Got penalized 10 times to one against Citadel and only lost by 1. Coach is right if we don't execute assignments and still...
  14. S&C program 2014 vs 2015

    I may missed this and apologize if I did . 2014 was pretty much injury free and credit was given to methods and training of, I believe, new S & C coach. 2015 was disaster injury wise. Was same coach and methods in place for 2015 as used in 2014?
  15. Virtual Reality for teaching Football moves plays is available Seems this would be a perfect media for developing a TO/Spread option QB.
  16. Jordan played O and D

    Credited for forced fumble and a 2 yd tackle for loss. Is this correct or is there a D player that has 11 for number?
  17. be on a digital billboard around Atlanta

    Lastly, the Tech marketing office is offering fans the opportunity to be on a digital billboard around Atlanta next week in advance of the season opener. Fans are asked to submit their best Tech fan photo [email protected] with their name and phone number in the body of the...
  18. Padded Cover on Clemson Helmet??

    This looks like a padded cover on the helmet. Anyone seen something like this before. Guessing it is to try and reduce injuries caused by helmets to the knee and head.
  19. Shotgun center snap rhythm and timing of snap for the D

    It seems that shotgun centers and pistol centers have a rhythm to making the snap since they look and blind snap. Question for former players, is this true? Is it something that is looked for by our D? Never heard it discussed and am curious.
  20. Did our Blocking technique change in 2015? Or was it learning curve?

    Sorry for Hi jack of CPJ Sez thread. Will see if it can be moved to here. Already a pretty good discussion on the cpj sez thread so this may die. "It seemed to me that we started blocking and staying on our feet instead of diving at DL feet and whiffing. Did our technique change or is that...