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    Coach Brent Key Scenario

    When you spend the required time attending to Special Teams, you build trust and skill in making the kicks.
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    Any news?? (stage 3: press coverage)

    May be more about HOW Collins allows the coaches to coach. I guarantee that none of these coaches treated students with kid gloves at their prior spots.
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    Pitt is favored

    You have it backwards. Our pressure was created by the db's coverage. Howell had nowhere to go with the ball, and their line couldn't block us forever.
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    Mostly “Fire Geoff Collins”, some reminiscing, maybe bourbon or other distractions

    It's a VERY solid argument. Have we forgotten that for 11+ seasons of "triple option" football DC's had to change up what they regularly did to find a scheme to defend us. Never did they just line up and play us like they ordinarily did. That was supposed to be the advantage that we had. So...
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    Game 2 #KSUvsGT Predictions

    It's simple. If Jordan starts, we win barely. If Jeff starts we get blown out.
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    Ga Tech Placekicking Problems

    So a Kicker can stink it up in practice and be trusted in a game? Really? Is that how it works at all positions? You earn the coaches and player's trust by how you perform in practice!!!!
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    ATL Chart for Louisville

    You're right. It's 10 days. The point is, if they're showing symptoms, the clock doesn't start until they're not.
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    ATL Chart for Louisville

    It is 14 days after the symptoms disappear. Young people do exhibit symptoms by the way.
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    Week 3 #GTvsCUSE Predictions

    We drive up and down the field with ease. Unfortunately there are drives where we have to settle for a field goal. Expect one or two turnovers as well that leads to Syracuse scores. 34-17 GT
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    Starting QB speculation

    You have to also look at the TYPE of interceptions that were thrown between the first 2 games. The first 2 in the first game were poor decisions. The two in the UCF games were tips/plays made by the UCF Dline. To me they are not equal. It shows he had better decision making for the UCF game...
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    The Late Kick showing GT some love...again.

    But why would we want "one off" recruits over elite recruits? Truth is, like @Ibeeballin said, big time recruits didn't want to come play in our system. Didn't have anything to do with PJ being handcuffed. The top players didn't want to come, so we got levels under that and we couldn't win...
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    New radio promo throw some shade!

    The problem I have is that him saying something is HBCU like, "Historically Black", was Automatically, interpreted as being negative and bad form. Public Annoncement: Things can be associated with black culture without it being BAD. That is all. Thanks
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    Week 2 #UCFvsGT Predictions

    I say we win by <7 points b/c I can't predict a loss. Our efficiency between the 20's was VERY impressive last week. We have the ability to move the ball. Without the mistakes we would have blown FSU out. We will iron out the kicking game and Sims will be better protecting the ball. I...
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    Antonneus Clayton injured?

    Hopefully he can take advantage of an extra year next year.
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    Antonneus Clayton injured?

    Hearing acl tear
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    Starting QB speculation

    Based off this observation it can't be Gleason b/c Coach P. Said the QB HAS to be a big part of the running game.
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    An Optimistic look at the 2020 season Michael Cunningham sees the light. Really good article.
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    Starting QB speculation

    And so far, all we've seen are pictures of the field, guys being "swole", and inspirational huddles. No one here knows if Sims or Gleason knows where to go with the ball. This is by design by the coaching staff. I know all about his Jr stats. I'm just saying, he didn't go to a HS tucked in...
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    Starting QB speculation

    What I don't understand is why is everyone assuming that Sims CAN'T make the throws that Gleason can. One qb was highly decorated and one wasn't. Based on the comments here you'd think Gleason was the highly decorated 4* QB. Sims isn't just a running QB. The word "Athletic" seems to be code...