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  1. Vespidie

    Ole Miss @ GT

    Nah. IIRC, Ole Miss just had 3 guys run for 2 TDs each.
  2. Vespidie

    Ole Miss @ GT

    Or a punt return for a TD.
  3. Vespidie

    Ole Miss @ GT

    Come out of a TO and give up a sack. It's a beautiful thing.
  4. Vespidie

    Ole Miss @ GT

    Kind of a check valve in an effort not to have the punt blocked again.
  5. Vespidie

    Ole Miss @ GT

    If we don't want to hear brutal sounding announcers, then we need to find coaches that can find players that can play against teams that are equal or better.
  6. Vespidie

    QB and OC debate

    Just win baby. It cures most ills.
  7. Vespidie

    Harrison Bailey

    Thats because star ratings for HS players are subjective and basically worth the site they are coming from. IMO stars are similar to the spin that statistics provide based on the side you’re trying to support. They basically dont mean squat, and the only thing that matters is production when...
  8. Vespidie

    Just asking after watching GT for my entire life.

    Take WF with a grain of salt. The ACC was horrible this year.
  9. Vespidie

    Confirmed Interviews

    Unfortunately, Collins doesnt have the luxury of experimenting with coaching hires. The honeymoon is over and real life big time football results are expected next year or else.
  10. Vespidie

    Note from Juanyeh Thomas

    1) I get it, time is money, just like my time was when I was in school and had to bust my behind working so I could attend school, pay tuition , books , misc fees, gas to get back and forth to school and work etc, so your point is weak at best. 2) See my answer to #1. In addition, I can’t...
  11. Vespidie

    Note from Juanyeh Thomas

    EVERYBODY eventually gets theirs, and to think otherwise is just naive.
  12. Vespidie

    Note from Juanyeh Thomas

    This is my take as well. The idea of being treated like a prima donna in HS should should reap financial benefits in college is absolute BS in my opinion. The one thing I will say and I think this was your intention also is that if families back home need assistance, then THE remaining family...
  13. Vespidie

    College football referees and the issue

    I think we are beginning to see a pattern of behavior with Mr Pickens and his "offensive"playing persona.
  14. Vespidie

    Note from Juanyeh Thomas

    Deserve it? Who's going to determine who and how much some deserving athlete is going to get? This seems like a slippery slope to ascend or descend in the name of "need" from my perspective, but I've been told before that my lack of empathy is blinding sometimes.
  15. Vespidie

    Note from Juanyeh Thomas

    Agreed and Jerry the Jacket hit the nail on the head with his assessment. Each and every scholarship athlete has a personal responsibility. First and foremost to himself, and in many cases his family, to excel on the playing field, but especially in the classroom if family dependence is a...
  16. Vespidie

    Note from Juanyeh Thomas

    If I didn't know any better, I'd have thought this was a discussion on the merits of social welfare programs, their effects on college football athletes families and the additional safety net needed from the money hungry NCAA. The NCAA has monopolized college athletics and are reaping a HUGE...
  17. Vespidie

    Hawaii Diamond Head Classic

    Unfortunately Usher acts like he's never committed a personal foul, and that attitude is going to hurt more than help him in ACC play against the likes of the member schools of the tobacco road cabal. He better clean that part of his game up because he ain't playing in the PAC 10 anymore.
  18. Vespidie

    Team overall ceiling

    Except for the weak assed ill advised entry passes that have no chance of success because the receiving parties don’t come to the ball. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk