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  1. MacDaddy2

    Has the hype been humbled?

    If you really want to see the difference: Clempson had 8 five stars in last night's two deep and 16 four stars in the two deep, Next year's class 5 five stars and 12 four stars. Friends, I'm 54 and can honestly say I do not see us beating Clemson until my age begins with a 6.
  2. MacDaddy2

    Chris Landry on 680

    He CAN coach and he CAN recruit. The play for 2019 is under 4 boys, step up and but your ticket, its gonna cash in December cause there is no way our team wins 5 or more. The best we can hope for is a push.
  3. MacDaddy2

    Georgia Tech Men's Basketball - 2019-'20 Season Membership Renewal

    the 44% with net worth above $1M, not saying that figure is what it used to be but since Ma' Tech likes to beat its chest on that fact .....
  4. MacDaddy2

    Georgia Tech Men's Basketball - 2019-'20 Season Membership Renewal

    Well I am one of the 44% so its safe to say the disposable income is there. The time or desire is not. The program is a joke and CPJ is getting his *** kicked on the recruiting trail by ugag
  5. MacDaddy2

    Georgia Tech Men's Basketball - 2019-'20 Season Membership Renewal

    My reply to my GT ticket agent asking me to purchase season tickets: Taryn, appreciate the note. I really can’t jump on board with season tickets for basketball. Given the anticipated results of the team, the poor recruiting and that the team has only been to the tournament one time in the...
  6. MacDaddy2

    Clemson under Swinney

    Dan didn't bring them the title, Dabo did
  7. MacDaddy2

    BC at GT (-1)

    What was the spread when you bet the ML at -125?
  8. MacDaddy2

    Legacy Admissions to GT

    Exactly, three years ago my daughter made a 1410 on the 2 part with a 3.92 from Harrison and 7 AP courses. Wasn't accepted as a freshman but was guaranteed a spot her sophomore year. She told GT to jump in a lake as I have with every Roll Call since
  9. MacDaddy2

    Season ticket holder seating at Mercedes Benz

    Don't give a damn about lower level seats, I want lower level 45 yard line on the aisle just like I have at BDS
  10. MacDaddy2

    GT vs. UVA (-21)

    I'm thinking given our NCAAT history over the last decade that we should STFU
  11. MacDaddy2

    Kirby on CGC

    Kirby is literally one of the dirtiest recruiters in the game. I will LMAO when he is finally caught.
  12. MacDaddy2

    A++ for effort

    In general the comments on this subject are simply the difference between the engineering grads and the business school grads, some people understand marketing and some do not. At the end of the day no one gets paid until something is sold........
  13. MacDaddy2

    So how do people feel about Brent Key and Geoff Collins-

    Oh dear god, get over it and accept that enough recruiting top 20's will lead to the top 20 you care about
  14. MacDaddy2


    If you don't think scheduling drives perception please take a look at Mississippi State. They beat 4 creampuffs OOC and Arkansas and Ole Miss who won exactly 1 conference game between the two of them. Yet, they were ranked in the mid-teens. Average teams always get exposed but until that occurs...
  15. MacDaddy2

    OldJacketFan has passed away

    Out thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  16. MacDaddy2

    Brent Key; Hiring Details....

    Maybe CGC has the same placard. On the other hand I will not miss 3 and 8 with very little chance of converting,.
  17. MacDaddy2

    Bag man

    It time to start playing the game by the rules of 2019 not 1965
  18. MacDaddy2

    Transfers Out

    Most players are here to play football. Please accept this as it is the truth and the reality is that there is nothing wrong with that
  19. MacDaddy2

    Fire CJP + State of the Program

    Based on this his termination dare will either be March 2021 or February 2022. Based on the current trajectory of the program there is no way we will pay him the $500K bonus for being coach at the end of the 21-22 season. I have resigned to the thought that I might as well remember the Cremins...
  20. MacDaddy2

    Are you pleased with the hire (poll)

    Maybe we should lighten up Francis