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    Just Because

    Enjoy maybe see more of this physicality if Jordan keeps his hold on QB1
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    GT and CPJ getting love from CBB "The team I think is the dark horse is Georgia Tech. They’ve got a lot of that defense back, they’ve got a quarterback that’s as good as anybody he’s had, and they run...
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    2014 games of the year Tech made the list twice! Gotta be good for national recognition. Everything helps.
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    ND facing same challenges as Tech, but we handle it better. I'm proud of tech, I love that we aren't changing academic standards because of football. I take it as ND going that route, giving up academic integrity for football...
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    good Shaq Mason article Nice read, I like that they put quotes in from cpj. The highlight video is probably one of the coolest I've seen in a while. Shaq will...
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    Beamer Video

    beamer dancing in the back, just puts a smile on my face. Can't explain it. Enjoy!!
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    Just gonna leave this here...
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    qb's point of view running the option. Great article, talks about the potential of every down and a bit of what it's like running this offense from qb's perspective.
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    O line notes I'm very pleased and excited about the last note. Hopefully this leads to better line play.
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    Tech recreceivers making $$$ Love it. Has to be good for recruiting.
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    Anthony Williams

    Transferring to Troy
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    Mark Jackson

    Maybe we could go after him if he's still available if we need him in the near future.
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    good news for Dwyer?

    Sounds like he may get a legitimate chance to play this year. I'm happy for him.
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    broderick snoddy does not sleep

    This man is a hard worker.
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    ACC Blog article on Gotsis Some nice PR potentially for GaTech here, the whole Australian story.
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    Another reason why Demaryius Thomas is a beast This man has some heart.
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    CPJ laying the wood to the media

    And Jeff Schultz gets the message I guess. I remember CPJ's response to the stupid question by some media member and thinking dang. First article I can actually respect by Shultz.
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    Tight End stuff

    Listening to CPJ's interview today, he mentioned something about the possibility of adding TE into the mix. We have that Klock guy who we are projecting to the OL, but CPJ was hinting at adding in some TE stuff. Maybe coach Bryan Cook could be behind this? I don't know about you guys, but I'd...