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  1. LawTalkin Jacket

    AD Candidate List

    Although Geoff Duncan is presumably connected politically, he chose not to run for re-election for a reason (he is not 100% down with Kemp apparently) so there is no telling how valuable his connection will be if Kemp is re-elected, or otherwise. I think GT AD would be a good move for Duncan...
  2. LawTalkin Jacket

    Does the AD need to be hired first before a coach?

    Marvin Lewis should be an AD candidate. Or, whomever has the juice to get Deion to come to ATL- those are my two AD preferences.
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    HC Candidate List

    I am 1000% with Deion. With regard to him being a "recruiter only," keep in mind that he is recruiting to Jackson MS, an HBCU, so he is not really looking for ALL available players out there, but those who want to be at an HBCU, or who would consider it versus the FSUs etc. Also, the town of...
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    Any news?? (stage 3: press coverage)

    I guess there is a school of thought that we expected to be 1-2 after Ole Miss and we are. So, CGC has met expectations thus far. if he were to beat UCF, then you would have to let him coach against Dook, right? This school of thought didn't consider a 42-0 beat down of course. I think that...
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    Deion Sanders On The Flats?

    Maybe we do need to replace our AD with Anthony Morrow (younger, former pro) who will be able to relate to and lure Deion. Per the article "He’s demanding, and his attention to detail — the same trait that made him a Hall of Fame cornerback — means he misses little. Whenever an idea pops into...
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    Deion Sanders On The Flats?

    Please don't try to talk yourself into Dan Mullen :ROFLMAO:
  7. LawTalkin Jacket

    If a change is made...

    And just heard Mullen on radio and he basically said he is enjoying espn and the new lifestyle- not interested in open jobs
  8. LawTalkin Jacket

    If a change is made...

    I don’t get the love for Dan Mullen- he has little personality, word is he hates recruiting, he is already very wealthy and looks pretty happy on tv. I think he lost hunger when he got big contract. Anyway, his best coaching was with Collins at DC, so maybe we don’t go there. I am all for...
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    Deion/ GT having discussion?

    I am 1000% in favor of Deion to GT! He could be Klng of ATL again and he may want to stick it to FSU since they hired Norvell and never gave him a look. He could leave for Dallas Cowboys if they offered. As far as academics goes, he seems to be a major proponent of kids going to classes and...
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    Marco Coleman to Sparty?

    I imagine Coach Coleman is getting a hefty raise and certainly moving to a winning program. I wonder what he is getting money-wise? If its $750k or so, I would have liked to know that GT offered to match that (even if it would be more embarrassing for him to leave for the same money). if he...
  11. LawTalkin Jacket

    Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster) for $1m I suppose Caleb had to transfer, since when he went to OU, he wasn't eligible to get paid (legally). So, now he can cash in. If E Michigan can offer $1m, I suspect Auburn or Ole Miss will offer...
  12. LawTalkin Jacket

    Mostly “Fire Geoff Collins”, some reminiscing, maybe bourbon or other distractions

    We're No. 1! Can't fire Collins after all this success over the likes of Bama, Cinci and Pitt!
  13. LawTalkin Jacket

    Mostly “Fire Geoff Collins”, some reminiscing, maybe bourbon or other distractions

    For almost all of the SEC schools, home games require an hour or more drive for attendees, they all don't live in Athens, Auburn, Tuscaloosa, Starkville, Texas Station, Oxford, etc. I think we are lucky that our school is in a (our) city, where we live, and which is easily accessible by air if...
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    Can we stay competitive in the NIL era?

    I think GT needs some of this... maybe we can chip in and pay cash for interviews on GT Swarm...
  15. LawTalkin Jacket

    Neon Deion

    It was reported that Deion interviewed at TCU. So, maybe he wants to get out of MS and come to a big city and if not Big D, then ATL
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    12/15 Early Signing Day: GT

    this happened the day AFTER FSU gave an extension to Mike Norvell- remember Norvell has less wins than Taggart who was fired, not extended. So FSU fans are losing their minds, particularly since they wre thinking they fire Norvell after this year and get Deion, now Norvell is extended and Deion...