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  1. Nixon_Corral

    Excitement for the 2022 Season

    Looking forward to watching the games with my season ticket group. Not putting any expectations on this team this year. Just going to see my friends and enjoy the great atmosphere of college football. Oh, also looking forward to no noon kickoffs in September at home!
  2. Nixon_Corral

    2021 Adidas SWAG watch

    Damn, I just paid full price the other day lol. Really like the jersey, though. Recommend y'all jump on this price if you want a 21 jersey, which many of us do for obvious reasons.
  3. Nixon_Corral

    Someone talk me into going to the game Saturday night.

    That is a hell of a way to think about it. I get that way seeing old friends from high school sometimes. Most of my friends from high school and I moved to various cities around the country after college, and every time I do have the chance to see one of 'em, I wonder how many get-togethers we...
  4. Nixon_Corral

    Season Tickets

    My understanding that the mobile-only thing will end post-covid. I'm young and have zero issue with mobile entry, I just like to keep the tickets for collecting purposes. Kind of a definitive way to say "I was there." I hope they will return.
  5. Nixon_Corral

    One of my pet peeves - season ticket holders selling seats to opposing fans ( like this week)

    That's pretty much what I do whenever I can't make it to a game. I make sure to get my ticket into the hands of a Tech fan, usually for free. I've only resold my tickets once via StubHub, and while the extra cash was nice, I hated not knowing if I was putting an opposing fan in the stands. Damn...
  6. Nixon_Corral

    Jeff Sims' First Collegiate Game

    If a kid takes a 2019 3-9 team on the road and quarterbacks them to a win during a pandemic and that doesn't exceed your expectations, the problem is you, not him. :):buzz:
  7. Nixon_Corral

    GT vs FSU Uniform Reveal

    Don't think I'll ever love the navy pants, but if they beat the Noles, they can wear whatever they please. If we go 15-0, then uniforms might reach the top of my hand wringing to-do list.
  8. Nixon_Corral

    The ACC will delay the start of competition for all fall sports until at least Sept. 1

    ???? I'm not even going to engage the accusation of homophobia. Saying there are comparatively few openly gay people in a party that outwardly and actively works against their self-interests is almost by definition true. You're arguing completely in bad faith to suggest otherwise, and I think...
  9. Nixon_Corral

    The ACC will delay the start of competition for all fall sports until at least Sept. 1

    I certainly haven't met one yet! But yes, I'm sure there is the odd mask-hating lefty/millennial. Just like there is the occasional openly gay right winger, and there's probably a millennial out there somewhere that has a landline phone. I'm talking about trends here.
  10. Nixon_Corral

    The ACC will delay the start of competition for all fall sports until at least Sept. 1

    Funny that the same people that call people of my generation/political alignment "snowflakes" also fill their diapers over the idea of wearing a mask. It's actually very easy and not doing so is contributing to the United States' embarrassing COVID lead. :) Sports restarts will fail miserably...
  11. Nixon_Corral

    09 Championship Game Replay

    I've got it on while I work. A great game and a bit of a microcosm of the CPJ years. Give up a lot of points but score even more! A nail-biter to the end. Cannot believe this team didn't beat Georgia the week before. That win would've cemented this season as just about the best non-natty season...
  12. Nixon_Corral

    What was your favorite uniform this year?

    I thought the Children's charity uniform was very good. I even bought one of the jerseys. But the best IMO was the UVA set. I think that's my favorite uniform combo we've ever worn. Huge fan.
  13. Nixon_Corral

    This WIN is a sneak peek of what CGC has in mind

    Funny, I thought that drive ended with a 41 yard touchdown pass.
  14. Nixon_Corral

    Temple kickoff at 3:30 (CBSSN)

    I love living in Atlanta proper, I really do, but the traffic is truly unreal. I am fortunate to work and live near Marta. I know you weren't replying to me here, but the friend of mine from Philly (who's going with me) says neither. He's taking me to Dalessandro's. He says Pat's and Geno's are...
  15. Nixon_Corral

    Temple kickoff at 3:30 (CBSSN)

    During rush hour, Atlanta is 2+ hours from Atlanta. ;) (But yes, you're right. I could walk to Bobby Dodd Stadium if I really wanted to.)
  16. Nixon_Corral

    Temple kickoff at 3:30 (CBSSN)

    I'll take 'em any way we can get 'em! Frankly, I don't actually mind the noon kicks once we're past September. These past two games have been brutal.
  17. Nixon_Corral

    Temple kickoff at 3:30 (CBSSN)

    I'll be there, but I don't know about a pregame or anything. I'm sure you can find some GT tailgaters if you head to the field early. A non-GT buddy of mine is from Philly, so I'm going up there with him so we can do some tourist stuff that weekend as well. Hoping it's a good time even if the...
  18. Nixon_Corral

    Heat Index and game time - NCAA

    Yeah, I'm 26, and I still felt pretty fatigued for a good 24 hours after sitting through that whole game. Certainly wish there were something we could do. Hopefully some of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium games that haven't been determined yet will be September games (Clemson on Labor Day in 2022 has...