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  1. MidtownJacket

    Georgia Southern against 🌽

    You all catch their “GATA” pants? Haha love that!
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    Gameday week 1 FitCheck

  3. MidtownJacket

    Illinois / Indiana

    Another opening week game if anyone is watching
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    TCU / Colorado

    Anyone watching?
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    Love to see Pitt Struggling

    We will see how this shakes out, but working our way through the 4th Q Pitt just seems to be unable to get separation from UWV.. 10 minutes to go and Narduzzi is looking more like the guys who whines about a handshake than the coach of #17
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    Jeff Sims Preseason Love It isn't lost on me that if he shows the type of improvement this would require, we are going to have a good year.
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    Offcial FSU Mockery

  8. MidtownJacket

    Georgia Tech declares Aug. 8 'Demaryius Thomas Day'
  9. MidtownJacket

    Honoring Brandon Adams - Donate to Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities

    I saw this on Rivals, but am sure they won't mind the repost for awareness here too:
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    <un>Official GT Swarm Bracket Challenge - get in by 3/17

    I know we talked about this in the NCAA Tourney thread, but since the challenge locks when the round of 64 field starts I wanted to post one more reminder. If you're interested I set one up on ESPN: Get in the action now...
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    Thank you Seniors

    This season hasn’t been the one anyone envisioned for our senior class. That said, they have continued to fight, claw, kick and bleed for this program. As I am writing this we are leading and have a chance to avoid the dreaded 15 seed. #0 Devoe - I’ve never seen a player get less respect than...
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    GT @ UNC Tonight 8pm EST #RedemptionSong

    GT back at it again, last time those Chapel Heels gave us Hell on our Home Court. Redemption time, we are still without Howard and Bubba isn’t able to go. Going to see the nascar line up again - let’s hope Bacot doesn’t have a big night. Maybe we can get him into foul trouble early. 247 Game...
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    2022 Adidas Swag Watch

    New year, new look, let’s hope 2022 brings us some GT gear in line with the other schools.
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    🔥🔥🔥 Good Take on our Current Challenges The PR Blunders of the AA seem to me to be a large issue for us. We can (and certainly many of us have) laid plenty of blame on the coaches, but the messaging around the program...
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    #UWiscy (not our kind) coming to town Wed 9:15 EST tip

    Alright, enough misery on the FB side of the board let’s talk roundball. We got the badgers coming on to our home court and I’m ready for some biGTime basketball. Anyone hear if the guys are recovered from the flu outbreak we had? I’m hoping so, it’ll take all the horses we have to get out and...
  16. MidtownJacket

    #[email protected] Monday night 7:30EST

    Let’s go! Another chance for a GT Win tomorrow night at 7:30 EST. Lamar is coming off a drubbing from our friends from MOH (104-75) as an away team if that tells you anything, and they held Lairy to 15 points in 21...
  17. MidtownJacket

    Tip Off Tomorrow Miami of Ohio

    Well we get another crack at Miami this week, albeit a new sport and different state. I’m pumped to get to watch some GT basketball again! Looking forward to seeing you all on chat! Go Jackets! Good write up on...
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    Game 9 #GTvsMIA Uniform Drop

    Let’s keep the whites clean on offense and have the D darker than the Black watch by game’s end. Let’s go jackets!!
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    #VTvsGT Game Week Media

    CGC Presser CDP Presser CAT Presser
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    Game 7 #GTvsUVA Uniforms