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  1. thebull35

    When you KNEW you hated UGag

    In honor of HATE WEEK, share your story about when you knew you HATED that school in Athens (aside from your birthright)... here's mine I always knew I had a love for GT. I grew up in East ATL and went to school in Buckhead. My school bus would pass GT every day for 13 years; so I knew that...
  2. thebull35

    All-time All ACC

    Couple of Tech guys on the 1st team.
  3. thebull35

    Corey Dennis in coaches vs. player challenge Caught a glimpse of former Jacket Corey Dennis at Ohio State's practice. Seems like fun was had all around.
  4. thebull35

    Tech fans are so freaking BIPOLAR!!

    Yes I said it. Every game that we win everyone is on here and other sites talking about how great we are, and how great the offense is, and how player X is the next coming of Walter Peyton, **** Butkus, Ronnie Lott, etc... And conversely, after every loss there are huge portion of the fan base...
  5. thebull35

    ACC Championship Game on ESPNU

    Right now.
  6. thebull35

    Just met Joe Burns

    I'm the head Softball Coach at Carver High School and as I'm getting prepared for our game today, our AD and head football coach introduces me to Joe. We chatted for a minute and agreed on some perceptions about the direction of the program. But all in all a very good guy that was easy to...