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  1. Real Time Course Corrections

    To me, simply do better in the red zone would be nice. Between the 20 is for stats but inside gets points.
  2. Stansbury and Collins Dismissed

    I liked CBK's press conference. Very forward thinking and SA focused. I hope he does well as interim HC.
  3. OC and DC replacement thoughts!!

    CGC and ADTS missed the target if what you write is true. The root of our problems is defense. Even the concept of CGC being DC scares the *&^ out me because he cannot CEO himself out of the red zone.
  4. OC and DC replacement thoughts!!

    I am concerned there is no public DC search being discussed. Have I missed this as I see this as priority #1
  5. Staff Changes

    Find it hard to contemplate CGC as a DC since as a HD, he did not do well. Need a dedicated DC, period
  6. Ugag vs. GT score prediction?

    41-9 GT goes down.
  7. Secondary talent

    Execution and energy looks pathetic
  8. Mostly “Fire Geoff Collins”, some reminiscing, maybe bourbon or other distractions

    On defense - We need 3 contiguous good plays to get off the field. Clearly not there yet but I would guess we sit around 2 good plays followed by a busted play On Offense - We need 2 of 3 to stay on the field and really do not do too bad. Just need to fix some poor play calls or penalties at...
  9. Mostly “Fire Geoff Collins”, some reminiscing, maybe bourbon or other distractions

    That play and the one that our DE #42 returned to the house. We have good athletes!
  10. Mostly “Fire Geoff Collins”, some reminiscing, maybe bourbon or other distractions

    I do not directly write into our threads regularly but read them actively. While I see many points of view and really, none of them are completely right or wrong. What I offer is the creation of a new thread we could all agree. I looked and did not see where to create a thread. But, to pass...
  11. #GTvsCLEM Postgame

    very fun game to watch!. Slug-fest!
  12. Game 3 #GTvsCLEM Media

    Clemson would exploit the weakness for strip fumbles. It is likely a weak link in his ball handling strength.
  13. My 2 cents

    This game went so far from expectations, I found myself sitting in the stands in dis-belief of how we grind yards without scoring and had no answer to NIU formations adjustments and snap style. Those poorly thrown balls by Sims kept them in the game until all advantages we thought were ours...
  14. ROLL CALL vs N ILL

  15. Expansion Talk 2021

    I thought I read the Alliance is still supporting the BIG12. If I am right, this would mean poaching WVU may not be consistent to that statement.
  16. Expansion Talk 2021

    Forget the third place conference team. Conference championship game permits 2 teams from each P4 team. Then, get the "best" non P4 2 teams to play that weekend to complete round 1 of a CFP (10 teams). Bottom 2 teams must play 1 extra game to make the final 4. This model will aid in keeping...
  17. Expansion Talk 2021

    I was really saying the conference championship game counts as round 1 of the playoffs. P4*2=8 teams. Going beyond that involves too many teams or round 2 byes. If you want to include a G level or ND add-in, they have to play championship Saturday as part of round 1 games.
  18. Expansion Talk 2021

    Agreed... And now with effectively a P4 structure, there is an 8 team playoff with ND on the outside looking in.
  19. Anyone have a pellet grill?

    I bought the Costco smoker last year. Use it a lot and love it. It's weakness is a solid steak searing but for smoking, it is great.