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  1. Pre Game Arrest

    Any idea who the dude was that got arrested on the field during the Pitt pre game warm ups? I saw him jawing with some coaches then spit on the State Trooper and get cuffed. But never heard what it was all about.
  2. Fill up Dodd!

    Best thing we can do to help our team. Let’s get it done.
  3. Continuity of Offensive line

    I think if we’re going to have a great offense, we need some continuity on our O-line. Having guys play 3 different positions throughout fall camp and during the season is counter productive. I know we want the “best 5” out there, but moving them around constantly hurts us I believe.
  4. Notre Dame experience.

    Best game day experience I've ever had, hands down! Been to most of the big SEC venues and Clemson and none compare. That campus, and that student body is something special!!
  5. First play of the Alcorn State game is........

    Reverse to Brad Stewart.....and this board crashes!!
  6. Season ticket sales..

    I bet sales will be up this year. I just renewed mine and wanted to add the two seats next to me for my kids and they were unavailable. These two seats have been vacant for the last five years. We should have some strong crowds this year.
  7. We just...

    Beat VT, Miami, Clemson, UGA, and Miss. State (who was ranked #1 for most of the year) all in the same season......and we have a QB coming back that's the best thing since Joe Hamilton. This Tech fan (who started going to games in the early 80's and remembers the lean years) is pinching himself!!!!
  8. If I were Swofford....

    I'd lock in an agreement with the Big 12 to have all the schools playing an ACC team every year. Both conferences need some beef for their out of conference schedules. If it stays with a 4 team playoff format, the out of conference schedule is going to be big when it comes to credibility for...
  9. Hope I'm wrong!

    Prior to the season I predicted 9-3.....would love to be wrong on that. Big win today!!
  10. Empty Seats

    Just took a look at the seating map on A BUNCH of empty seats. Hard to believe.
  11. The Offense

    While it was a poor defensive game, all I can say about the offense is WOW. If we play offense like that we have a chance in every game. We need some more talent on the D line, and that's what's coming. I think we win three more this regular season. This team has some grit. They don't lay down.
  12. I hope we're not ranked!

    It's the best thing that could happen to us right now.
  13. Luginbill disses Tech!

    Just watched a little round table discussion with Luginbill and two other dudes on ESPN. Luginbill likes JT but completely dissed Tech and said if they were a stock then he's selling. He was basically laughing about us being 4-0. One of the other guys said everyone has caught up to the option...
  14. Lawrence Austin...with the quickness!

    Just read the AJC post about Lawrence Austin, and watched his highlight reel that accompanied it. Dang, that kid has some wheels! I think he'll find the field fairly quick in his career. Heck of a player.