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  1. Who's Moving from DL to OL?

    Devine got hurt Saturday
  2. Observations and Questions about CPJ's Contract

    Why is he breaking in a new starter in 2014? How often does a starting QB leave the team unless he is going to the NFL? It rarely occurs--thanks again PJ and just say good bye.
  3. Addressing the Vad Lee situation

    Gonna miss Vad--he did as much as he could with the predictable play calling by PJ--that is the opponents defenses new what was coming there way from us
  4. Idea for team this spring

    Good idea
  5. A Bruce Feldman tweet on CPJ

    In the last 4 years PJ has won 2 big games (Clemson 3 years ago & USC) out of the 53 that have been played during that time frame--this is really, really poor. For a long time now, he has been a very unsuccessful head coach for us. PJ should just leave with all of the money that we have over...
  6. Future of GT

    We need to hired a replacement for PJ I haven't seen many comments on PJ's statement after the game of: "we didn't play well enough in any facet to win the game" Why didn't they play well enough?-- a) Was it that the players didn't care?--no way b) Was it that the players didn't try?--no way c)...
  7. What would you do about our coach?

    Please get a new head coach Paul "6 to 7 losses a year" Johnson is a disaster, whose latest results is that of running off a good player like Vad Lee His offense has averaged 14 points in his bowl games at GA TECH--really a tell tale sign of what he & his system is not
  8. Paul Johnson: #9 Most Powerful Coach in CFB

    What do you mean when say "BYU was just a bad match up"?--must be nice to be able to just right off a game with this type of logic "Miami had Duke Johnson"--does this mean that if a team has 1 really good player then we can't beat them?
  9. GT (+3) vs. Ole Miss

    I feel strongly that we will lose & support such with our performance this year along with who Ole Miss' beat & lost to in 2013 Those who feel that we will win have brought little to justify their position
  10. GT (+3) vs. Ole Miss

    We even struggled to beat UNC and Pitt (both home games) We had a bad season and only beat average (including Duke since they played a really weak schedule) to below average teams Just because a team goes to a bowl game it doesn't make them a good team as 6 wins against lousy opponents gets you...
  11. GT (+3) vs. Ole Miss

    My position was not just who Ole Miss played, but just as much about us this year We only beat 1 team this year that had a winning record (including the 2 FCS teams that we played)--it was Duke, who had a weak schedule themselves which sure helped them have better than a .500 wining percentage...
  12. GT (+3) vs. Ole Miss

  13. GT (+3) vs. Ole Miss

    Facts are hard to argue against, thus you have to avoid them.
  14. GT (+3) vs. Ole Miss

    Is this post for real? I never said that Old Miss was great The BCS uses the strength of schedule for its rankings--along with everyone else Didn't you post somewhere recently the ranking of our opponents offenses and defenses?
  15. GT (+3) vs. Ole Miss

    My appologies unto thee.... What does "nm." mean?
  16. GT (+3) vs. Ole Miss

    That was a bad loss, but the rivalry games can do that, especially when they are on the road--its just that we can't beat our rival I doubt that there is any other team in the country that has lost to 4 stronger teams (#2, #3, #8, #21) than that of Ole Miss Ole Miss also beat #14 & #29
  17. GT (+3) vs. Ole Miss

    Could happen if Ole Miss puts in its second string defense in the 4th quarter, as that's when we score on teams that have us beaten It's just plain recent history that supports such
  18. GT (+3) vs. Ole Miss

    But an average includes both the high end and low end production Ole Miss has lost to the best teams in the country in Auburn, Alabama, Missouri, Texas A&M and they beat LSU & Texas
  19. GT (+3) vs. Ole Miss

    Just shooten straight Its not just a matter of how hard a team plays, a lot more than that determines who wins My guess would be that under CPJ the Georgia Tech offense has averaged about 13 points per bowl game
  20. GT (+3) vs. Ole Miss

    Ole Miss is a gunna kill us Yellow Jacket bowls under CPJ suck His offense gets shut down, period That goodness our defense & special teams score sometimes--including last year when our punt return squad got the ball to USC's 1 yard line where it only took us 2 downs to just barely make it to...