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  1. Brains and football

    @Vespidae I think you might want to research football a little more, you'll find the game used to be played at that size with a lot of deaths.
  2. Last Chance U (Season 4)

    Episode 4, around 44:00 mark, Mills has a great run!
  3. The Lew Effect

    Yeah, the cutting is probably due to correct nutrition. I would venture to guess in keeping with the "NFL base" theme CGC has set, that Coach Lew and the Nutrition Lady are trying to get the players to a certain body fat percentage that reflects the NFL average body fat percentage for the...
  4. The Lew Effect

    Learning how to post :D.
  5. The Lew Effect

    Those numbers are not going to be posted. You could look at the NFL draft numbers, google the average 1RM max by position for college athletes - I think a few dated studies should pop up for this, you can also google other strength topics related to college football athletes and checkout a CSCS...
  6. The Lew Effect

    We have the best Strength Coach in the country - trust him and trust the process. It is uncomfortable we only had 7 players that could rep 225 - 20 times regardless of who left the team or who joined the team.
  7. Tech Admissions and You

    @bwelbo I read something from the Alumni Magazine this morning that of the 6% of legacy applications, that group does have the highest acceptance rate. @jacketup I highly recommend your son transfers to...
  8. Tech Admissions and You

    @jacketup I am so sorry! Your son's resume is incredible and I cannot believe he was not accepted. I would get someone on the phone, use your network, you know someone who knows someone that can correct this situation. Eventually, Tech will consider "Legacy" again - it is a two-way street.