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  1. Buzzwax

    CJP has installed CPJ'S Offense.....

    Reading Seguiras AJC article regarding the win at NCST....hilarious.... It just felt great seeing our offense kind of come together. We work on it every day, just repetition, repetition. We have so many options off of the same play, and it was kind of fun to see ourselves being able to execute...
  2. Buzzwax

    2015 Depth Chart

    To continue the "Next Year" thread here are the links to our current roster sorted by position and our commit list for 2015......We are far deeper at several positions than I thought!!
  3. Buzzwax

    National and Conference Stat Rankings GBU

    3-0 is the most important stat but here are the rest per..... National Rank Conference Total Offense 47 5 Yards/Play 21...