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  1. Beau Vinetti

    Georgia Tech - Miami postgame thread

    Proud of the team and coaches. 5-0 and on a roll.
  2. Beau Vinetti

    Question about scheme

    PJ used to start and stop the A back much more often at Navy than he has here. It is not so much a play designed to draw a team offsides but it allows PJ to see if the safety is rolling up and running the alley in run support. It also allows him to get an idea of where the support guy is coming...
  3. Beau Vinetti

    Top 5 positives for the future of GT Football

    I will be excited to see a full season of Laskey at B Back full time. The guy is a workhorse who brings it every time he runs the ball. I like his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. The only thing I see he needs to improve on is his pass pro.
  4. Beau Vinetti

    Any anticipated coaching changes by GT?

    Coach Speed has been with PJ since Navy and would leave only by his choice. I am a Coach Speed fan. I think he relates to the players very well and is an excellent recruiter. Coach Sewak and PJ go way back so the only thing I can imagine would be to hire another O-line coach to assist Sewak...
  5. Beau Vinetti


    Pulling for the Mids in this game. I love this rivalry more than any in college football. These guys exemplify honor, courage and I salute these soldiers and sailors for their commitment to our Country.
  6. Beau Vinetti


    Nick Saban is all about one thing and that is Nick Saban. He should have pushed for a raise for his assistant coaches instead of a few more million for himself. The guy is an ego maniac. You can't argue with his success but I for one would not trust the guy
  7. Beau Vinetti

    Introduce yourself

    Hello fellow Tech fans. My name is Beau Vinetti and I am proud to be a sidewalk fan of The Yellow Jackets. I did not attend The Institute but I have a genuine dislike for the color red and anything associated with the school in Athens. I am a huge supporter of PJ and have been since his days at...