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  1. Haywood transferring

    Good luck Curt
  2. Coaching Search- Timeline

    Plenty of threads about potential candidates. I have my list just like others. But let’s talk timeline. We have 3 weeks until signing day. Big recruiting weekends we’re going to be 12/7 and 12/14. Dead period starts 12/17. My thinking is we will have a new coach in place by the 12th if not...
  3. New Uniforms Revealed

    Gold and White helmets
  4. Fall Camp Thread

    is it to early? :) FYI players report Thursday with practice starting this Friday!!!!
  5. Possible D Staff

    As said Woody is a done deal. As for his potential staff I’ve heard 2 names from his App St staff that may be coming. Ivey the D-Line coach and Brown the Corner coach. I’ve also heard we will have a spot for Andy Mac and he may get a title change and raise. I like these 2 guys from App. Brown...
  6. Injuries mounting

    looks like Curt and Ves both out tomorrow. Tadric is doubtful and Ben still hobling. Going to be a tough one against the dawgs.
  7. Don’t give up in them yet

    The start to this season both on the court and off has been terrible and a bit unlucky but some may be karma. That being said we are only one game off where many thought we’d be at this point without Okogie. Ben has been playing on one foot. This break couldn’t come at a better time both...
  8. Post Camp thoughts

    So camp is now officially over and Monday begins setting depth chart, scouts and UT prep. Here are my thoughts based on what I've heard. Positions to feel very good about: OL, DL, Secondary, A-back, WR, P Positions with talent but we'll see on who steps up and takes control: QB, B-back...
  9. Scrimmage update

    let's get a thread on people's thoughts from the scrimmage this morning. Wanted to hear what others thought about QB play. I'll say this, today goes along with what I've been hinting at all camp. Also we have some studs at b back now and in future.
  10. Terrible news, need prayers from GT community

    GT Family. New B-Back commit Jerry Howard Jr's father Jerry Sr was the victim of a shooting in Rock Hill this morning. Please keep the Howard family in your thoughts and prayers.
  11. Exciting News.2017-2018 opener

    We will face UCLA in Shanghai China to open the 2017-2018 season.
  12. Saturday scrimmage against Miss State

    although it was only a scrimmage, we beat Miss State Saturday in our scrimmage against them. Excited to see the progress of this team as the season goes on.
  13. UA or Nike...Please help.

    Yes another uniform thread because this one pisses me off. Part of our contract with Russell is new uniforms every year. Well I don't know if they are late or just gave up but yesterday we wore last years home jerseys with the pants from the throwbacks from the 1990 celebration. PATHETIC!
  14. Interim AD

    Former SR Associate Athletic Director Paul Griffin will be the interim AD. I like this move. He helped tremendously in the interim when DRad left.
  15. AD Search....

    It wouldn't surprise me if we go the route of naming someone like Bill Curry as an interim AD. I think this search may take awhile, at least until after football season. We will see what Bud is made of. I think he realizes he can't go the route of last hire and screw this up. Too many big things...
  16. Graduation Today and This Fall

    First off, Congrats to all our graduating football players today. It is something to be extremely proud of and a GT degree will take you far in life. I was looking over the list of graduates and we have 3-4 names that will play a huge roll in our upcoming season. Justin Thomas, Freddie Burden...
  17. Credit to MBob

    I want to thank MBob for what I think is a solid hire. He has taken a ton of heat from many and myself included but in the end the result is very positive for GT. He stressed a top recruiter was a huge priority and we landed one of the best. Wait until you see the staff if rumors are true...
  18. The Search

    From source... The search has been on-going behind the scenes since January. Discussions with some candidates have already happened over last few days. MBOB has a list and it will be his decision. Some of the names that have been thrown out are legit and others not even close. We are aiming big...
  19. Roof needs to go and Ray is gone

    I hated the hire to begin with because he was awful the first time here as DC. Last year it took PJ getting involved to slightly improve and play more aggressive. Now this year it's back to the same thing. We sit back and only rush 4 and play our corners 12 yards off the line. Our Linebacker...
  20. Orange Bowl

    Folks it's real simple......we have 2 chances to win and get in the orange bowl. If we beat UGA it's a done deal because neither Clemson or Louisville would jump us in rankings. Obviously if we beat FSU we are in. Bad part is if we lose both we will drop behind either Clemson or Louisville if...