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  1. It’s Yates Time...period

    In a small sample size, Yates is the most “QB like” on the roster.
  2. Let’s talk...IMO this needs to happen...

    IMO we need to really comb through the Grad Transfer market for a QB or JUCO ranks. Nothing against James Graham, but with a Grad Transfer(or a QB ala Yates shows up in spring) I can see us winning more games than we have this season. Defense is playing great for the spots they are in. What do...
  3. Legitimate observation/question

    (Not going after Coach Collins) So, just based off of outside observation, I think we may have a Butch Jones situation on our hands. Just all the #s and tag lines, uniforms ect. I’m a graduate of Tennessee and feel as if I’ve seen this same song and dance. However, I do give Coach Collins credit...
  4. Yates

    Just my opinion, but with the redshirt rule, Yates deserves a shot in a game. He was a QB that threw it a lot in high school
  5. QB question

    So honestly does Tobias have a chance to be our starter? Asking all the former players who’ve seen him a practice. While I’m excited about coach Collins, I would’ve love to see Tobias in CPJs offense as a full time starter. Would’ve shattered a lot of records by the time he left IMO.
  6. UGA Postgame Discussion

    Look we looked horrible and soft today. However, we are better as y’all may know, we are better with a pass threat. They sold out all day on the run. We need a passer.
  7. Offseason QB question to ponder

    I was watching old Nesbitt videos the other day and I thought about whenever we play VaTech. Do we do better against their Defense when we have a power QB ala Nesbitt and MJ last year. I know JT beat them in 2014, but we win last year with MJ and in '09 with Nesbitt and I would bet everything we...
  8. Debate it!!!

    So, this morning I watched a video on YouTube that I'm sure many of you have seen...Josh Nesbitt Highlight video. It made me ask the question, who is better? '09 GT team vs. '14 GT football team. IMO, these are the two greatest teams CPJ has had. Each had great BBack play, great WR play, and...
  9. Spring Game film

    hey everyone, missed the game Friday, but wanting to know where I could see highlights or replay of the game. THWG
  10. Mills update

    sorry been out of the loop. Does anyone have a Mills update as far as staying with the team?
  11. JT is our starter, but....

    I know and fully understand JT is our starter baring injury, but could we see Jordan start against UVA, in order to give JT more rest for the Mutts.
  12. All is forgiven if?????

    I'm to the point that I don't care what happens with this season. All I want to do is beat the Leg Humpers at the end of the year period. I'm to that point. Not calling for coaches head or anything crazy. I believe in CPJ, but this season is painful. Beat the Mutts and all is forgiven.
  13. Defense? Where are they?

    Sorry gents, but where is this defense that created turnovers and returned so many starters? We just look bad at times.
  14. Offense? Suggestions? Where do we go now?

    Well that sucked...what do we do from here. Our games are still winnable. I'm still for CPJ. I really think it's the loss of Abacks and two WR to the NFL. I don't know honestly my brain hurts watching our offense. I still love it, but man hard to watch when we are struggling. What do y'all think...
  15. Buzz talk radio is back!

    For all those interested in real Georgia tech sports talk check out or talk to GTSuperfan
  16. LB Depth Question

    Recently, everyone has seems to be somewhat uneasy with the recent departure of our starting MLB. My question is for those who payed attention to our back up LBs in the spring game. I haven't looked back on the game since this recent transfer. I do remember Beau playing well in the UGA game...
  17. FSU Game

    The Criminole game just got a little more interesting with reports of Everett Golson transferring to play QB. Going to be fun can't wait for this game. #Revenge Game
  18. Channel for the game

    Does anybody know what channel the game comes on? If so thanks.
  19. Eric?

    I know this might be beating a dead horse. Do you see Custis coming back to Tech after this season at GMC? I keep seeing reports saying he will come back after this fall at GMC. What do you think?
  20. Travis Custis and Jonathan Dwyer

    How many of you think that Travis Custis can have an impact or at least be a 1000 yard rusher like Dwyer or even Anthony Allen? I know some might say that he's not as big, but he's listed right now in spring as 6'0 215. He will easily slide into a 220 lbs Bback. I think him and Justin Thomas are...